Video Review: Billie Eilish “Your Power”

The wind blows through Billie Eilish’s hair as she sits on the mountain. She leans forward, her arms folded by her stomach. Staying still, a snake crawls across her lap. The snake hisses as it curls itself around her neck. It forms four rings as she stares a the moon. The screen goes black.

Rating: 5/5

Billie Eilish holds her breath as the snake slithers towards her. She imagines herself stomping on it with her foot or shouting for help. But she was the prey. She may live. In her mind, she extends her arms as she talks about the length of the snake. It went right past her. It was a miracle she survived. A miracle. She gasps as the snake’s grip gets tighter. Her head becomes foggy and she forgets her train of her thought.

Eilish’s mom reiterates she went to the mountain. Her sister says she was just going on a hike by herself. She may have stopped to get some rest before coming home. Eilish’s mom shakes her head and says it’s too late. She would’ve been home by now. Her dad calls up the park and says Eilish never returned.

Two days later, her parents receive a call from the park. They found her body. Her mom said she was too high up. Her sister tells her mom Eilish had no escape. Eilish’s mom says she didn’t know and says she wishes she could talk to her one last time. Her sister puts her arm around her and says Eilish was strong. She was afraid and trying to be brave. Her mom blows her nose and says it shouldn’t have happened.

Director: Billie Eilish Year: 2021


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