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R.L, Tweety and T-Low dance on the sidewalk by school. A group of people watch them. The bell rings and they walk up the steps of the school. R.L., Tweety and T-Low talk at the lockers. R.L. taps Tweety on the shoulder and points to Star, 16-year-old as she walks with two of her friends. Tweety shakes his head as he takes a book out of his locker.

R.L., Tweety, and T-Low dance inside a parking garage. She turns a page in the textbook and bites her finger as R.L. stares at her butt. Several students raise their hands. Star talks with a 18-year-old guy between classes. Tweety, R.L. and T-Low sit on the steps and watch as she gets into a 25-year-old man’s car. Two 15-year-old girls shake their heads.

In her 20s, Star carries two shopping bags as she walks on the sidewalk. A thirtysomething man closes his cell phone once he sees her. She kisses him on the cheek. He hands her money. R.L., Tweety and T-Low sit on stools and sing against a white background. The twentysomething woman walks into a party and stares at a second thirtysomething man. The second thirtysomething man takes off his ring and leans into her as she sits at the table.

She puts on lipstick in the dressing room of the strip club. Wearing a mesh cover-up over her gold dress, she walks through a beaded curtain and dances with several of twentysomething women on stage. She throws her mesh cover-up to the men. T-Low catches it. R.L. realizes it’s Star and tells T-Low. T-Low takes off his glasses as Tweety throws her mesh cover-up back on stage. Star walks back into the dressing room. Leaning against the her locker, she sheds a tear. She grabs her jacket and walks out the door.

Rating: 3.5/5

Star checks a patient’s vitals. The fortysomething woman says she has to go the bathroom. She lifts her out of bed and walks with her to the bathroom. The door ajar, she listens as the toilet flushes and the water running in the sink. Holding onto the fortysomething woman’s arm, she helps her back into bed. She moves her cart to the next room.

Still in her scrubs, she waits in the diner for her carry-out order. The hostess tells her it’ll be another 5 minutes. She stares at the door and sees R.L. walking in with Tweety and T-Low. She scoffs and laughs to herself. R.L. covers his mouth. Tweety walks up to her and asks, “Star?” She says hello to Tweety. Tweety tells her, “nice costume.” She shows him her ID badge and says she’s a nurse now. Tweety exclaims, “wow!” She says she hasn’t stepped back into a strip club after they through her mesh cover-up back at her. Tweety says she really changed her life around. She answers “yeah.” The hostess calls her name. She stands at the cash register and pays.

She opens the Styrofoam box and feeds a French fry to her dog. Tweety and his friends had judged her as a grifting slut. However, they didn’t know the 25-year-old guy had groomed her. He had abused her when they were alone. She had no regard for men for a long time. The men who approached her gave her money with strings. Working at the strip club had been her to make money on her own. As long as she didn’t look the men in the eye, she could get through her shifts. She had felt Tweety and his friends’ shame sting her body. Her reputation had followed her wherever she went. She signed up for nursing school six months later.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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