Video Review: Angie Martinez, Lil’da Mo & Sacario “If I Could Go”

Angie Martinez walks exit stairs of the subway. She dances on the white sand while on the beach. Lil Mo sits next to her in a lounge chair. Sacario dances with his friends at the bar. Martinez walks on the sidewalk and leans against a store window. In a split screen, she continues to walk (left) while two lounge chairs sit on the beach (right).

She touches the gleaming light on the window. It brightens the store inside. Martinez sits in a lounge chair. She hails a taxi cab and opens the door. The driver pulls a lever on the slot machine by his dashboard. Sacario joins Martinez and Lil Mo on the beach. His friends dance on the sand. Martinez dials Sacario on her cell phone. In a split screen, Sacario sits in a chair at home. He answers his phone and they talk.

She taps the driver’s seat and asks him to drop her off. She walks into the bar and sits in a booth. A bartender tosses a bottle from hand to hand behind the counter. Martinez and Sacario dance in the bar. She carries a shopping and takes another taxi.

Rating: 2/5

Angie Martinez drinks her martini as she sits on a lounge chair by the pool. She closes her eyes and savors the quiet. Sacario sits next to her and tells her not to forgot about their friend’s party tonight. They are going to have to get ready soon. Martinez says she’s enjoying sunshine. Sacario tells her it’s ok. It’ll be nice again tomorrow. Martinez says to give her five minutes.

One of their friends asks Martinez how she’s liking California so far. Martinez says she loves it. Their friend says she’s surprised. Martinez says she’s a hardcore New Yorker. It’ll always be home. However, California is as ok, too. She links arms with Sacario.

Martinez turns the corner and takes the side street. The shopping bags fall to the floor. She cringes as some t-shirts hang out of a bag. Perhaps she overspent a little. It started as getting more t-shirts and shorts to replace her sweaters. However, she kept finding necklaces and even bought some t-shirts from street vendors. California had changed far more than she expected. And she liked it.

Director: Steve Carr Year: 2002

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