Video Review: Jake Owen “Made For You”

Against a black background, notes on the screen read: “this is a song about love. Love for people and moments in our lives. You all shared examples of these moments in your life and some of them are in this video…” Jake Owen walks on the grass, carrying his guitar. He runs his hand along the kitchen counter as his daughter, Olive eats breakfast. His fiancée, Erica Hartlein, holds their daughter, Paris. Owen plays the guitar.

A thirtysomething man plays peek-a-boo with his infant daughter in the crib. A twentysomething man holds his infant and gives her the bottle. A second thirtysomething and woman sit in their backyard and watch as their children play. A fiftysomething man, a twentysomething woman, and a 10-year-old boy sit on lawn chairs in the backyard, playing their guitars as the campfire burns. A third thirtysomething woman kisses her 2-year-old boy as she plays with him in the ocean. A fourth thirtysomething man and woman clink their beer cans as ride on their boat.

Owen fishes with Olive at the lake. He hands her his reel. A fortysomething woman and second twentysomething woman wave their sparklers. Paris walks on the dock. The fifth thirtysomething man and woman ride the Sea-Doo  on the water and kiss. Paris and Olive play on the grass. A second twentysomething man and woman eat pizza as they ride on their boat. Owen and Hartlein dance at Tootsies Orchid Lounge. A third twentysomething man gets down on one knee while on a hike and proposes. The third twentysomething woman covers her mouth with her hand.

Rating: 5/5

The 10-year-old boy strums the guitar. The fiftysomething man walks over to him and tells him it needs to be tuned a bit more. The 10-year-old boy says he can do it and pulls at the strings. The twentysomething woman says it sounds much better now. The twentysomething woman asks the 10-year-old boy to play the song he wrote. The 10-year-old boy says it’s a girl he likes at school. The twentysomething woman and fiftysomething man smile at each other

The third thirtysomething woman holds her two-year-old’s boy hand as they walk to the car. She puts on his favorite music in the car. He hits the arm rest of his car seat. She turns the car to her ex-husband’s street. Her time with her son was over. She dreaded every other Sunday, knowing she won’t see him. His ex-husband opens the door and she hands him the bag. She explains to him he ate ice cream earlier. Her ex-husband says it’s okay and that his wife will make them dinner. She kisses the two-year-old boy and tells him she loves him.

The twentysomething man rubs his eyes as he puts the baby in the crib. He had been unsure if he wanted to be a parent. Sitting in the chair, he watches their baby sleep and dozes off. The baby wakes up again. His wife yawns and walks into the bedroom. The twentysomething man tells her to go to bed, he says he got it. She kisses him and their baby and walks back to the bedroom. He tells her she’s such a good girl and sings to her. The baby gurgles and touches his face.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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