Video Review: The Kid Laroi & Miley Cyrus “Without You (Remix)”

The Kid Laroi and Miley Cyrus cuddle as they lie on a blanket in the backyard at night. A neon palm tree shines behind a bush. They sit by a campfire. Cyrus puts her arm around him as she drinks from a bottle. Lit in royal blue, Laroi sits against the wall.

He hands her a paper bag with a bottle in it as he leans against the graffitied truck. She drinks from the bottle as she sits on the sidewalk. They sit on the hood of the truck in a McDonald’s parking lot. They stand and cuddle by a plush mushroom.

As he continues to sit against the wall, the colors change to ruby red, lime green and hot pink. Cyrus rests her head on his shoulder as she sits with him, lit in candy red. Back on the blanket, Cyrus tosses the pizza box. Laroi tries to kiss her and she pulls away, laughing.

Rating: 0/5

Miley Cyrus kicks her legs as she lies on the blanket. The Kid Laroi brushes the hair off his face. He finds a French fry and throws it on the grass. A squirrel can eat it for its breakfast. He picks up a couple of liquor bottles and shot glasses strewn on the blanket. Some liquid had spilled on the old stains. Cyrus was so messy. He’d say something. But it was her house.

Cyrus says she’s craving a sundae from McDonald’s. Laroi says they’ll probably closed. Cyrus says there’s one open late night a mile away. Laroi says he’ll get the keys. Cyrus turns up the volume in the truck as they drive through the neighborhood at 3 a.m. Laroi lowers the volume as she looks out the window. Cyrus complains the sound in her truck and says she should a get new system.

Cyrus shouts her order at the drive-thru. Laroi finds the right amount of money in his wallet and hands it to the cashier. Cyrus sticks out her tongue and does the devil’s horn gesture. Laroi gives the cashier a sheepish smile. The cashier tells them to have a nice night and closes the window. She feeds him a spoonful of ice cream as he drives and says she thinks she might be pregnant. He turns her head, exclaiming “what?” Several cars honk and people shout profanity at them. She says she doesn’t think it’s a bug. He asks her if she had a COVID-19 test. She says it was negative. The Kid Laroi turns into the elementary school parking lot and tells her he needs a minute. She licks the spoon and says it threw her off guard, too. Her head on his shoulder, she says he’ll be a great Daddy. Laroi stares at the steering wheel, answering, “yeah. A Daddy.”

Director: Miley Cyrus Year: 2021

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