Video Review: Wayne Wonder “No Letting Go”

Several twentysomething women dance on a red mat while a white sheet hangs behind him in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. A rubber tire swing, tied to the branch, sways. Wayne Wonder dances by the red sheet, attached to two poles, on the beach. A twentysomething woman walks on the beach.

The twentysomething women continue to dance on the beach. Several sheets tied to poles sit behind them. Wonder presses his head into her collarbone as they sit on the beach. She rubs his head. Several twentysomething men join the twentysomething women as they dance on the beach.

He and the twentysomething woman stare into each other’s eyes as they stand by one of the several sheets. The twentysomething woman walks between the sheets. Wonder dances between a red and yellow sheet. He joins the twentysomething people as they dance by the white sheet. Two friends join Wonder as they dance between the red and yellow sheets. The twentysomething woman and Wonder sit on a log by the beach.

Rating: 1/5

The twentysomething woman rings up a tourist for a t-shirt in the souvenir shop. Wayne Wonder glances at her, as he opens a box of trinkets. He smiles as she talks with the tourist and gives the person directions. She was so patient. He walks over to her as the line ends. She puts up a sign, stating “on break” and walks out with Wonder.

Wonder and the twentysomething woman walk into the shopping. They order a plate of jerky and split it. She cleans her hands with a napkin and says her mother invited them over for Easter. He says he can’t for her mom’s hot cross buns. She says they are bringing the saltfish.

As they walk back to work, he says they’ll stop at the supermarket after work. They walk back into the store and take turns clocking in at the register. She smiles as she talks with the next customer. He walks back into the stockroom, throws the cardboard box away.

Director: Director X Year: 2003

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