Video Review: Little Mix & Saweetie “Confetti”

Lit in teal, people dance in a bar. Lenny (Leigh-Anne), Pez (Perrie) and J-Dog (Jade) sit on a chairs in the club. Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade sit across from them, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade walk to the center and have a dance-off with Lenny, J-Dog and Pez.

Jade dances by the lockers and pulls a twentysomething man to her. Pez dances on the stairs with several people. Leigh-Anne sits on a chair by the lockers and crawls on the floor. Back in teal, A’whora, Bimini and Tayce dance. In color, A’whora lies on the confetti on the floor. Pez bumps into a table, spilling A’whora and Tayce’s drinks. A’whora glares at Pez, saying “the cheek!” Tayce turns, saying, “the nerve!” Pez walks away as they continue. A’whora tells them to get out. Bimini steps into the center, saying, “hold on a minute, girls. Don’t worry about this one, I got it.”

In the bathroom, Lenny, J-Dog and Pez unzip their pants at the urinal. They grunt. Jade applies lipstick in the bathroom, saying, “you know who’s doing it for me? Lenny?” Perrie and Leigh-Anne repeat, “Lenny.” A’whora and Tayce hold their drinks as they walk into the security area. They dance as Saweetie raps on the television screen. Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne continue the routine with several twentysomething people on the rooftop.

Rating: 1.5/5

Leigh-Anne gets her purse out of her locker. Jade giggles and says she doesn’t remember the combination. Perrie walks to the front desk and asks about Jade’s locker. The clerk walks to the locker and opens it for her. Jade thanks her. Leigh-Anne comments if she’d be a man be right now, she’d be balding. Perrie says she’d be living in every denim trend. Jade thinks she’d be into those cute polo t-shirts.

Jade fluffs her hair and says the dance-off between the men was far too easy. Leigh-Anne admits they could keep with them, though. Perrie shakes her head, saying Pez was a klutz. Jade says she’s going to say goodnight to A’whora and dashes off.

A’whora hands Jade a drink and says she looks parched. Jade says she cut off for the night. Tayce says it’s some water. Jade says the hate going on all over the world is making her sick. A’whora says she’s a good fighter. Jade says she wants to do more. She wants to be great. Tayce puts her arm around her and says she’ll figure it out.

Director: Samuel Doek Year: 2021

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