Video Review: Yolanda Be Cool & DCup “We Speak No Americano”

Circa 1920s, a twentysomething man gets dropped off into town. He dances by a building and walks. A 10-year-old girl hands him a flower. He sniffs it and gives her some money. She looks in her hand at the change and scoffs at it. A fiftysomething man instructs a twentysomething woman as she loads a truck. He takes a flask out of his coat jacket and drinks it.

The twentysomething man sees the twentysomething woman and puts his hand on his heart. In black-and-white, he imagines them standing together on their wedding day. Back in color, she stares at him while he dances. He bumps into a police officer, who chases him away. A thirtysomething man puts a for sale sign on a piano outside a building. The twentysomething man runs his hand along the piano and bumps off the sign. He walks away. Inside the bar, a second thirtysomething man drinks and flirts with a second twentysomething man as he plays the piano. A third twentysomething man pulls him off the bench and throws him out, telling him he’s fired. The thirtysomething man hangs up a sign, stating piano player wanted.

A fourth thirtysomething man places some carpet over the sign, covering it and walks inside the bar. The twentysomething man sees the sign and imagines, in black-and-white, selling it to the owner of the bar. Back in color, he tosses the for sale off the piano and drags it. The thirtysomething man notices his piano was stolen and tells the police officer about it. The twentysomething man gestures to the sign at the bar. The thirtysomething man throws up arms. The police officer runs after the twentysomething man.

The twentysomething puts a bag over himself and sits by a box. The 10-year-old girl points the police officer in the twentysomething man’s direction. The twentysomething man, within the sack, looks at the road while the twentysomething woman rides the carriage. The twentysomething man and woman marry and have at least one kid.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man stares at the piano as he walks to work. As he reads over a brief he hums and taps his foot. His boss knocks on his door and asks if the subpoena was sent. The twentysomething man looks to the left and right. His boss yells at him, saying he just ruined the case. The twentysomething man places a piece of paper in the typewriter and begins the first sentence of the subpoena.

The twentysomething woman plays patty-cake with their 2-year-old girl. The twentysomething woman glances at the clock and says it seems like daddy is working late tonight. The twentysomething woman picks up their baby and sings. There had been a lot of late nights.

The twentysomething man shuffles the money in the envelope at the bank. He walks into the building and says he’d like to buy the piano. The owner sells it to him. Back at home, he plays the piano and laughs as the 2-year-old girl bangs on the keys.

Director: Andy Hylton Year: 2010


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