Video Review: Mandy Moore “Cry”

Jamie (Mandy Moore), a character from the 2002 film, A Walk To Remember, stands within a star. Landon (Shane West) leaves the movie and watches peoples on the red carpet. A twentysomething woman turns her head as she notices Landon.

Landon parks his car at the curb. He walks on the driveway and opens the door of his home. In his bedroom, he watches a video of him laughing with Jamie. Towards the end, Jamie blows him a kiss. Landon stares at the remote in his hands. He walks onto the porch and looks through telescope. Smiling, he gazes at the stars. He sees a flash of Jamie and pulls back.

Jamie watches as he walks back into the house. He sleeps in his bed as she shines in the sky. The next day, he hops into the backseat of his friend’s car. Hands in his jacket, he walks by a store window and stares at another billboard for A Walk To Remember.

Rating: 5/5

Landon looks over the 10-year-old’s boy scans. His parents ask if he’s going to be okay. Landon says the scans came back clear. The 10-year-old boy is cancer-free. He gives the 10-year-old boy a high-five. His parents burst into tears. He says they’ll be check-ups. However, he’s healthy again.

The twentysomething nurse rubs his arm and says she knows today is hard. Landon says it’s over. They can’t go out anymore. It’s bad for business. The twentysomething nurse says at some point, he’s going to have to live again. He tells her the patient in room 3 needs a blood draw.

He gazes at the sky, thinking of his late wife, Jamie. She’s the reason he became a doctor. Without her faith in him, he would still be in their hometown with at least four DUI’s under his belt. A few years ago, a young couple were referred to him. The twentysomething man had stage 3 lung cancer. He looked up every study and experimental study he could. However, it hadn’t been enough. He had given the twentysomething man more time. His father-in-law sits on the porch with him and says Jamie is in the stars somewhere. Landon grins, saying he saw her one time. She was burst of light. It happened so fast. But she’s okay. His father-in-law says knowing she’s watching over them has gotten him through some tough days. Landon unlocks his car and says he’ll see him next Sunday for dinner.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2001

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