Video Review: Spotemgottem & Pooh Shiesty “Beatbox (Remix)”

Spotemgottem spreads the money in his hands while he and his friends dance in the parking lot of the storage place. Pooh Shiesty stands next to him. Spotemgottem carries two guns as he stands by the garage. Shiesty and Spotemgottem dance between two cars.

Lit in carmine, Spotemgottem sits in the backseat of a car. He hangs out of the backseat of the car at night as a friend drives it. On the sidwalk, he dances on his money. Shiesty lines the money on the pavement and smokes. Spotemgottem mimes hitting the trigger of the gun in the backseat. A gun sits on the hood of a car.

Rating: 0/5

Pooh Shiesty hides in the backseat of the car. Spotemgottem snickers and calls him a punk. Shiesty says he’s not getting into trouble. Spotemgottem smirks and says he’s already with them. It’s at least a few years alone. Shiesty says he’s staying in the car. Spotemgottem shrugs, saying, “all right, be scared.”

Spotgottem shouts “woo!” as he fires off his gun at a group of twentysomething men. One of the twentysomething men reaches for his gun. Spotgottem says he may not want to do that. A few of his men are injured. The twentysomething man drops the money on the ground. Spotgottem waves his ground and tells him to be neat. He shoots off his gun again.

Shiesty covers his ears at the gun shots. He dials 911 in his car and reports the crime. Whatever Spotgottem was involved in, he didn’t want to go to jail for it. He whispers into the phone a robbery was going on and urges the police to hurry. He opens the door and crawls out. Spotgottem turns his head at the sound of the car door. Shiesty cringes as his knees scrape on the pavement as he inches closer to the other side of the street. A police car stops short of him. Shiesty continues to lie on the ground as the officers apprehend Spotemgottem.

Director: Jordan Spencer Year: 2021

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