Video Review: AJ Tracey “Little More Love”

At night, a twentysomething man stands on a cross and looks at the skyline of the city. A basketball game plays on a screen on a building. AJ Tracey smokes a cigar in the backseat of his friend’s car. He greet his friends waiting for him by the velvet rope. Two women walk out of line and join him.

Lit in electric blue, he and his friends walk into the club. He sits at a booth with his friends and drinks. Changing to color, he sits on a bed in the hotel room with a drink in his hand. He walks around the hotel room and signs a piece of paper at the front desk. In the back of a car, he talks on his cell phone. About a dozen photographers take his picture as he sits across from a twentysomething woman as she conducts an interview.

Back in electric blue, one of the twentysomething women from the club lies on a bed and talks on the phone. An airplane flies in the gray sky. A message on the black screen reads: “In loving memory of DMX. Thank You for Everything.”

Rating: 3/5

AJ Tracey slumps in the chair as he processes the news of DMX’s death. He had been hoping he’d pull through. DMX was his inspiration. It didn’t seem real. Another of the greats was gone. Tracey puts on an DMX and listens to it as he sits in his chair.

Tracey packs his suitcase and checks to see if he hadn’t forgotten anything. Usually, he’d have some friends with him. One particular friend he missed. It really had hurt the friend had only cared about the glittery part of his life. He had invited his friend with him and had told him he was trouble coping with the stress. His friend had given him a weird look, saying “what?”

The twentysomething woman tells him she likes his work and acts where he grew up. Tracey starts to tell a story and remembers the twentysomething woman wasn’t one of his friends. However, she seemed to understand what he meant. The twentysomething woman says it was good to meet him. Tracey asks about the publishing date. The twentysomething woman says it’s up to her editor and asks if any other questions. He shakes his head and tells her goodbye.

Directors: KC Locke & AJ Tracey Year: 2021

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