Video Review: Bridgit Mendler “Ready Or Not”

Bridgit Mendler hugs one of her friends at the park. She talks to some of her friends as they walk in Los Angeles, California. The two leaders of  the Eastside Scavenger Hunt explains the rules and gives each group a box with a camera and list of clues. One of the team leaders blows the whistles and sprays confetti.

Mendler dances by herself in the park. She points to a street on the map as she talks with members of the group as they drive around. Her group takes a picture at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They eat sushi at the Hama Sushi and sit in a rowboat. One of the twentysomething men mark something off the list. They hula hoop on the sidewalk and pose for a picture at the beach.

At night, Mendler sits on a motorcycle as one of the twentysomething men takes a photo. They dance on the sidewalk. One of the twentysomething men grabs a grocery cart. She sits in it as he pushes it in a parking lot. Back at the park, the two leaders of the scavenger hunt count the last ten seconds of the game. She talks with a twentysomething woman, who was in another group. A blonde-haired twentysomething woman talk about the pictures they took. She sings along with the radio as she drives in her car.

Rating: 5/5

Bridgit Mendler bites into an apple as she types on the keyboard. The phone rings next to her and she answers it, stating the doctor’s name. She schedules the appointment and tells the fiftysomething woman to feel better. The fiftysomething was so sweet. Whenever she came in, she brought in cupcakes or cookies for the staff. Her cell phone vibrates and one of her friends texts a picture of themselves on a rowboat. She texts back that her friend just won the scavenger hunt.

The twentysomething man takes a cardboard box of photos off the shelf. He looks through and says he finally found the photos from the scavenger hunt. She sips her coffee and leans against the arm rest of the couch. He says he was trying so hard to get her attention all night. Mendler touches her head with his. She says one of their friends was talking to her about it, today and shows him the picture on her cell phone.

Mendler asks for some sake Hama Sushi. The twentysomething man says he heard one of the twentysomething woman that was in their group in the scavenger hunt is sick. Mendler’s jaw drops and says they have to do something. He says she gave them a rough date for the surgery. Mendler says she wants to be there. The twentysomething man says he can’t believe it. Mendler’s phone beeps and says one of their friends from the scavenger hunt messaged her about it. She reads the message out loud to him, suggesting a fundraiser for her. Mendler texts back, she’s in. The twentysomething man texts to the friend and says his work may be willing to something.

Director: Phillip Andelman Year: 2012

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