Video Review: AJR “Way Less Sad”

Adam, Jack and Ryan sit on chairs at the TWA terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, New York. They perform in front of Jane’s Carousel at night. Wearing white t-shirts, they perform against a black background.

Jack sits in the luggage rack as Adam and Ryan push him. Jack dances in front of the carousel as people pass by. He opens a map as he stands by a table. The paper flies up to the ceiling and he spins the globe. Lit in cornflower blue, Adam, Jack and Ryan sing in a water tank. Multiple Jacks stand by the escalator. Jack leans back as he rides a horse on the carousel.

Back at the table, Jack opens a bottle and it sprays on the ceiling. Ryan walks on the carousel. Adam runs from the mountain and holds a magnifying glass. Ryan, Adam and Jack stand together on the sand. In a tiny bedroom, Jack sits on the bed while Adam and Ryan play next to him. Jack puts on an apple on the table as it the room tilts. He hangs in the air while Ryan catches the apples and puts them in a container. Jack jumps on the bed. A shirtless Jack dances on the escalator. He walks down the ladder as the table remains in the air.

Rating: 3/5

Jack dances in place as he rides the carousel. Adam comments that Jack is having a lot of fun. Ryan says he might ride it later. Adam takes photos on his phone. Ryan says he has to get back to work. He could only get the half day. Adam says they’ll talk later.

Jack jumps off the carousel and says he has to get ice cream. Adam says it’s nice to be out and about again. Jack says he’s been thinking about the carousel ever since the lockdown. It was something he wanted to do and didn’t get around it. He thought he’d be open all the time. However, it closed for awhile. He asks, “where’s Ryan?” Adam responds, “work.” Jack says he was glad to at least get Ryan out of his house.

Adam holds his ticket and says they are going somewhere. Jack says he just doesn’t want to stay one place. Ryan says they still have to be cautious. Jack says they will be and if he starts to get anxious, he can take a moment. Ryan says he relieved it’s an 45-minute flight. Jack says his mission is get to go overseas. Ryan says he’s not going for another year. As they listen to the announcement, Jack, Adam and Ryan stand up and wait in line to board.

Director: Edoardo Ranaboldo Year: 2021

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