Video Review: Jennifer Lopez & Nas “I’m Gonna Be Alright”

A 12-year-old boy takes out the garbage in the Bronx in New York City, New York. A seventysomething man sits on a chair on the sidewalk. Jennifer Lopez, wearing a bikini, sits on a beach chair and drinks bottled soda. Two of her friends sit next to her. A postman pushes his cart on the sidewalk as he delivers mail. Two fortysomething man play chess on a table.

Lopez and Nas lean against a fence. A twentysomething man exhales smoke. A second twentysomething man hits a punching bag. Two twentysomething woman talk by Cool Vibes. A third twentysomething man talks on the payphone. A fourth twentysomething man holds a baseball bat as he stands in the street.

Lopez sits on a chair by the barbershop. She laughs with a fifth twentysomething man. He kisses her. She walks into the barbershop and gets a soda from the machine. An 8-year-old girl sits next to her at the laundromat and folds clothes. As she bends down to get clothes out of the dryer, the twentysomething men check her out. She walks with a sixth twentysomething on the sidewalk. He puts his hand on his heart as he talks to her. She turns away from him and he follows her.

She listens to music on the headphones in the music store. Nas looks through the sleeves of the albums as she dances. Lopez smiles as she holds the bat. She hits the ball and it goes across the block.

Rating: 3/5

Jennifer Lopez picks out a few albums as she sorts through the rack. She looks over Nas’ shoulder and says she’s surprised he didn’t have the albums already. Nas says he had some other albums to buy first. They walk up to the register and pay, Nas says she seems to be in good spirits. Lopez says she still has some days when she wants to cry. But overall, she’s almost back to herself.

Lopez rubs sunscreen on her arms as she sits on the lawn chair. Her friend reaches for a soda in the cooler and says her ex-boyfriend just doesn’t learn. Lopez puts on her sunglasses and lies back on her chair. She says it’s his life. Her friend tells her it was an unexpected answer. Lopez responds she’s done thinking about him.

Lopez puts the coins into the dryer. A twentysomething man walks up to her and says he didn’t think he’d run into her for a while. She turns around and gasps. It was her ex-boyfriend. She says she likes coming here to get her clothes cleaned. It has nothing to do with him. The twentysomething man says it’s not going to work. She heaves a sigh and leans against the dryer. A second twentysomething man smiles at her. She smiles back at him.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2001

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