Video Review: Moneybagg Yo “Shottas (Lala)”

Moneybagg Yo walks up the stairs of his mansion in Kingston, Jamaica. Over the ocean, a message reads: “12 Hours Earlier.” Yo smokes as he walks on the sidewalk. He pulls up to the park and walks into a home. A twentysomething man cooks on the stove. A second twentysomething man waters the marijuana plants. A third twentysomething man talks on his cell phone as he leans against a column.

Two twentysomething men hold a gun to the second twentysomething man’s head. The third twentysomething man talks on the cell phone, watching the two men take the second twentysomething man. One of the men opens the suitcase and hands the other man a bag of marijuana. Yo questions the second twentysomething man as he sits, gagged and shirtless, in the chair. Yo and a group of twentysomething women dance on his patio.

Yo and his friends tap his body with the money. He points a gun at the second twentysomething man’s head. A group of twentysomething hunch their bodies as they descend unto his mansion. He licks his knife. The group of twentysomething men shoot on the patio. He and his friends fire back. One of his friends throws a sixth twentysomething man. A second friend of his laughs into the house and marks 7 in blood with his finger.

Rating: 3/5

Moneybagg Yo divides up the money amongst his friends. He tells them to be safe and walks to his attic. Glancing over his shoulder, he sees no one is around and stuffs the money through the hole with the others. He estimates he has about $100,000 so far. However, it wasn’t enough.

His friend points his gun at him and demands more of his share. Yo says he really doesn’t want to try it. His friend says he’s been scamming them for years. Yo says he’ll make it right and pulls his gun. One of his security guards shoots his friend. Two other men shoot at his guards, killing one. Yo grabs his stomach as blood pours out.

He says he has to get home. His wife is missing him. The security guard touches his hand and tells him she’s on his way. The security guard motions for his friend to close the gate. His second friend whispers he thinks the money is in the attic. The security guard watches his breathing and tells him it won’t be long. His second friend runs upstairs.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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