Video Review: Jason Aldean “Blame It On You”

Circa 1940s, a twentysomething man stares at thousands of dollars inside a duffel bag. Jason Aldean stands in a barn. The twentysomething smokes as he leans against the back of his car. A wolf walks in the woods. A twentysomething woman stares at the twentysomething man.

The twentysomething woman sits at the table with her friends and gazes at the twentysomething as he stands in the doorway. She walks, staring at him. As she sits down to a second twentysomething man, she watches as he is turned away by the fortysomething man guarding the door. Aldean sits on a bench in the barn.

The twentysomething man holds the twentysomething woman’s hand as she gets out of his car. Lit in royal blue, he carries a barrel of beer in the barn. Back in the field, he lifts the twentysomething woman in his arms. They kiss in the barn. Three men play cards at a table. Sitting at another table, the twentysomething woman smiles as he walks inside. He leaves the basement and she follows him. Two thirtysomething man at the table whisper to each other.

At night, the twentysomething man and woman make out in the car. The two thirtysomething men arrive at the barn. They drain the barrels of the beer and empty the bottles. In the morning, the twentysomething man rubs his face as he sits by the barn. He walks past the twentysomething woman and puts the duffel bag of money by her. The twentysomething woman cries. He grows concerned as he sees her shawl on the grass.

Rating: 4/5

The wolf paces by the barn. She had to protect it from her the thirtysomething man, her boyfriend and his friend. The twentysomething man had been working for most of his days in the barn, boiling the water and fermenting it. A couple of men had approached the barn. However, she had snarled and snapped at him. They ran off and hadn’t returned. But she knew them. They would keep trying.

She had been human once. Her lover had been the twentysomething man. She had tried not loving him. It had only been a trick at first, a way to distract him while the thirtysomething men stole from him. However, she realized he was the one for her. For weeks, her hand had become bony. It was too late to back out of the plan, though. She had believed her love for him could stave off the transformation.

She sleeps near the barn. The twentysomething man backs off. She picks up her head and whines. The twentysomething man reaches for his rifle. She runs off into the woods, her heart pounding. At the lake, she laps the water in the lake and walks back to the barn.

Director: Shaun Silva Year: 2021

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