Video Review: Paula DeAnda & The DEY “Walk Away (Remember Me)”

Lit in teal, Paula DeAnda walks to the microphone in silhouette. In the afternoon, she and her friends walk out of a store. She dances against a ruby red background. Back on the sidewalk, her friends tell her that her ex-boyfriend is walking with his new girlfriend. His new girlfriend walks into the store as he calls someone on his cell phone as he waits for her on the sidewalk.

While he talks, he turns his head and notices DeAnda. He ends the call and stares at her. They walk towards one another. At his house, they sit on the couch and play video games. They kiss on the sidewalk as the sun sets. She dances against a candy red and a single white stripe background. She opens the door and he holds flowers. Lit in royal blue, The DEY stands by her as she continues to sing. They feed each other strawberries at the restaurant.

They smile at one another as they walk. He reaches for her and she pulls away. About a year ago, he talks to a 17-year-old girl outside the store. She confronts him. In present time, she touches his shoulder and kisses him on the cheek. He watches her as she walks back to her friends. His new girlfriend walks out of the store, carrying her bags. They put their arms around each other. He glances over his shoulder and continues to look for DeAnda.

Rating: 5/5

Paula DeAnda throws a dart at the board at the bar. The twentysomething man puts his arm around her and says he know he’ll win. She removes his hands from her waist and says she wants to play for now. The twentysomething man scoffs and says he doesn’t get her. She says it was nice meeting him and sets the darts down.

Her ex-boyfriend from high school and current best friend sips his beer as he watches DeAnda. DeAnda sits next to him and sighs. She says she dislikes dating so much. It was so much easier in high school. He asks her if she wants another drink. Her head in her hands, she responds, “yes.” He rubs her back and says she’ll find someone. She picks her up and they stare at one another. The server asks if they’d like any more drinks. He orders for the both of him. She promises him to pay him back. He tells her it’s his treat.

He drops her off at her apartment and asks if he can crash. She tells him he knows he can. He pulls out his sleeping bag from the closet. She says he can stay in bed with her tonight. He asks her, “really?” She nods and says she’s okay with it. He puts his hand on her shoulder as she looks into his eyes.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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