Video Review: Bebe Rexha & Travis Barker “Break My Heart Myself”

“Free humanz” painted in rusted orange, is scrawled on the wall. Dirt marks the row the urinals. Travis Barker throws his drumsticks as he plays in the corner of the bathroom. Bebe Rexha walks out of an upright coffin and sings into a microphone near the sinks. Lit in scarlet red, Barker continues to play.

She flicks silver confetti as she slithers on the floor. “Better Mistakes” is painted on the wall. Lit in scarlet red, she dances. Back in color, she unravels the toilet paper. She stares at a heart in a glass box and smashes it with an axe. Rexha stands at the urinal and grabs her butt.

 Rating: 2/5

A thirtysomething man unzips his pants as he stands by the urinal. Bebe Rexha hugs the toilet and retches. Even the sound. The thirtysomething man turns around and asks if she’s all right. Rexha says she just needs a few more minutes. The thirtysomething man says he’ll stay to make sure.

Rexha rips off some toilet paper and wipes her face. She flushes the toilet and stands at the sink. He says he’ll get her some water. She gulps and washes her hands. Leaning against the sink, she fluffs her hair. The thirtysomething man was good-looking and kind.

He hands her a glass of water. She compliments his tattoos. He explains he got it as a tribute to his mom. She nods and dumps out the water. He introduces himself. Rexha tells him he’d better off not knowing and walks away. She puts her hand on her forehead and leans against the wall. A twentysomething man puts his hand on the waist of a twentysomething woman. The bartender spills some of the liquor on the floor. She looks at the floor and taps her foot to the song.

Director: Christian Breslauer Year: 2021

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