Video Review: Dua Lipa, Madonna & Missy Elliott “Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix)”

Lit in scarlet, Dua Lipa lies on the grass. In her bedroom, she looks at the glowing orange moon and turns her head as the record spins on the turntable. A fan whirrs in a 18-year-old young woman’s room. She stares at the symbol in her hand and puts it under pillow.

Lipa lays by her bed and claps. The 18-year-old young woman peers through her telescope and sees a twentysomething woman flipping through a magazine in her bedroom. The twentysomething woman looks up and stares at her while she places the symbol on her tongue.

A twentysomething man draws the symbol on the sidewalk. Lit in royal blue, Lipa continues to dance in her room. A second twentysomething woman checks her watch and gazes at the pink sky. A second twentysomething man parks his car on the freeway and takes a baseball bat out of his trunk. A third twentysomething opens a box and stares at the neon green crystal. Lipa lays with a fourth twentysomething man (Anwar Hadid) on the grass and watches the eclipse.

The third twentysomething woman holds the neon green crystal in her hands and raises it. Missy Elliott performs inside it. The sky turns blood red. A couple kisses in the field, a white light shining within them. A shooting star falls from the sky and transforms into a fortysomething woman, wearing a silver sequined dress, dancing in the field. The twentysomething man continues to drive on the expressway. While he watching the sky, he notices and sees the moon in his driver’s seat. The 18-year-old young woman stares at the symbol. A fourth twentysomething woman sits in the driver’s seat and stares back at the second twentysomething man. The moon extends its blood red rays.

Rating: 5/5

The 18-year-old young woman pours milk in her cereal. Her father remarks the eclipse was really something. It was a scientific marvel. The 18-year-old young woman says it was. Her mom asks if she took any pictures. The 18-year-old young woman carries her bowl to the sink and tells them she deleted them. They were too grainy. Her father says it’s amazing they were able to see it. People will be talking about it for years.

The fortysomething woman knocks on the door of the 18-year-old young woman’s house. Her father looks through the peephole and says it’s some drunk woman from the bar. The fortysomething woman continues to knock. Her mother calls for her to go away. The 18-year-old young woman says she knows her and runs to the door. The fortysomething woman shows her the symbol. The 18-year-old young woman texts Dua Lipa and says she’ll find a place for her to stay.

Lipa arrives at the 18-year-old young woman’s house and sees the fortysomething woman standing on the porch. The 18-year-old young woman whispers to Lipa, “she’s actually here.” Lipa says she didn’t know if it was going to happen or not. The fortysomething woman stands with her hands on her hips. Lipa motions for her to come over and says she has a place for her. The 18-year-old young woman walks back into her home. Her father asks if she’s involved in any way. The 18-year-old young woman says she heard rumors online and walks to her bedroom. She rummages through her drawers and hides the symbol with medication. Carrying her backpack, she says off to school.

Director: Will Hopper Year: 2020

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