Video Review: Michael Bolton “Said I Love You…But I Lied”

The clouds roll by in the sky. At sunset, the horses gallop on the beach, the flames grazing their legs. Michael Bolton picks up some sand. An eagle flies in the sky. Bolton stands by the campfire. In black-and-white, a twentysomething woman runs her hand on her face as she lies on the sand.

Bolton stands on a mountain in Alstrom Point, Utah. He walks in the ocean and tours Antelope Canyon. Back in black-and-white, he kisses the twentysomething woman as they lay on the mountain. She rides a horse on the sand and looks over her shoulder. In color, she touches her body as she lies on the mountain. He kisses her neck. The horses continue to run over the fire.

Rating: 3.5/5

Michael Bolton sits by his tent and eats some beans. He was in love. The twentysomething woman, his new love, had been staying on his mind since he left unexpectedly. She asked him when he would get back. He paused during his answer. Would he be back for her? Would he be able the boyfriend she needed? He answered, “Monday.” She told him to call her once he reached the recreation area. He left a message on her voicemail about 8 p.m.

Yesterday, he drove for most of the day. He had visited Alstrom Point before. However, he viewed it from a distance. He had dismissed it as too physically demanding. But after falling for the twentysomething woman, he knew he could do it. With each step, he knew he was capable of being a better man.

He takes out his camera and snaps some pictures. She’ll love the picture of the sunset. Perhaps he’ll frame it for her. He puts his tent away and continues to walk. There was one more peak he had to climb. He stops to drink some water and admire the ocean.

Director: Rebecca Blake Year: 1993

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