Video Review: DJ Khaled, H.E.R. & Migos “We Going Crazy”

DJ Khaled rides away from an explosion on his motorcycle. H.E.R. lies on the sand of the beach while her overturned boat smokes by her. Khaled walks on the beach and looks at his car, sinking in the ocean. He picks up bottles of Ciroc on the sand and finds a pair of headphones.

H.E.R. sits on a swing entwined with leaves tied to a tree. Khaled hangs a white sheet over a tent and sits on a throne chair. H.E.R. dances by the waterfall. Khaled puts on Blesswell lotion. He lies on a raft while H.E.R. stands in the water. He jumps off a cliff and swims in the water.

H.E.R., Quavo, Takeoff and Offset sit at the dinner. H.E.R. raises her glass. Offset pours hot sauce on his dinner and pretends to shot a skeleton. They toast themselves. H.E.R., Quavo, Takeoff, Offset and Khaled dance on the rock. At night, Khaled carries a torch as a dinosaur bares his teeth behind him. Fireworks go off as H.E.R., Takeoff, Offset and Khaled dance on the rock. The dinosaur crawls by the S.O.S. traced in the sand. Khaled puts in an order for a helicopter. It flies to the island and lands.

Rating: 4/5

H.E.R. sits on the swing and hears rustling in the leaves. She tells Quavo to cut it off. A growl follows and she leaps off the swing. Her body trembling, she walks back to her boat and looks for Khaled. Khaled sits on his throne chair and says for her to relax. She says she can’t. There’s a vicious animal somewhere and she’s frightened. He handwaves it and says it might be a dog. She sits by him and asks if she’s seen Quavo, Takeoff or Offset. He says they went to get something to eat.

Quavo bites into his steak as he eats in the cave. Takeoff tells the chef the food is delicious. The chef thanks them. Offset reads his text and asks the chef to set a place for H.E.R. She’ll be joining them in about a half hour. H.E.R. walks into the cave and says she must be really hungry. She started hungry and thought she was hearing things. Quavo, Takeoff and Offset exchange knowing looks. Quavo says it’s real. He saw the teeth. H.E.R.’s eyes widen and she drops her fork.

DJ Khaled shouts for help as the dinosaur slithers it tongue towards him. He throws some food at it and runs. He presses buttons on his phone for a helicopter. They had to get home now. H.E.R. says Khaled is trying to get away and says a helicopter will be here in an hour. He says for them to stay where they are. H.E.R. tells him to keep typing. Khaled types, “I lov–.” A roar is heard near camp and they gasp.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2021

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