Video Review: Nick Carter “Help Me”

Four screens feature the French Cottage Motel. In four screens, Nick Carter throws his jacket on the bed in his motel room. He sits on the bed and plays his guitar and bites it. A twentysomething woman flops onto her bed. A twentysomething man plays the guitar across from Cater as he sings. Wearing sunglasses, Carter stands against a ceramic wall.

Within two screens, Carter, the twentysomething man and woman walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He taps the counter while he waits for his food. He walks by Stein On Vine, which is divided into six screens. The clerk gives him cymbals and they assemble a drum set. Carter and his two friends play the drums. He and his friends walk into Sunset Sound. A producer glances at him while he sings into a microphone in the studio. He and his friends play in a different studio. Carter dribbles the ball and fends off two of his friends as they play basketball. He sits on the couch and shows off a drawing in his notebook. Carter holds his jacket as he leaves the studio.

Rating: 2/5

Nick Carter orders room service at the motel. He had been subsisting on French fries and soda for most of the day. He kicks up his legs on the bed and watches television. Overall, he felt it was a productive day. He had recorded some songs of his own and actually just had fun.

He schedules some meetings with the record company and lets them know his progress. Being on his own was new. He could do whatever he wanted. There wasn’t anyone to tell him he was wrong or bicker with him. One of his friends texts him and asks if they can start later tomorrow. He tells them they can and says he’s tired, too.

While walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it occurred to him, he wanted to his own space. He had his own goals wanted to accomplish and he knew he could do it. The time away was helping him realize who he was. It was a natural step and one that could allow him more freedom.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 2002

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