Video Review: Elle King & Miranda Lambert “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)”

Circa 1986, Miranda Lambert and Elle King, wearing pastel suits, sing into the microphones at the banquet hall. On a VHS tape, King, wearing a wedding gown, waves at the camera. Back at the banquet hall, pink punch and beer sit on the table. King puts her hands on her husband as they stand through the sunroof of the limousine.

A fortysomething woman gives Lambert a disapproving look as she walks by her. Lambert stands by her car and waves at her. She wraps her gum around her finger and smirks at the fortysomething woman.  King, Lambert and two of bridesmaids pose for photos by the trellis in the banquet hall. The fortysomething woman does the sign of the cross as King leans against Lambert’s truck and smokes.

A twentysomething man stands up and claps as King kisses her husband. The fortysomething woman puts her hand on his shoulder and he sits back down. While posing for pictures, Lambert removes the hands of one of the groomsmen from her waist. The fortysomething woman appears out of frame for photos. Lambert, King and the two bridesmaids talk in the bathroom. One of the bridesmaids smiles at the groomsmen as she closes the bathroom stall. He tries to open the door. Lambert pulls him by the ear and throws him out.

Lambert dances with the groomsman and pushes the video camera out of her face. King kisses her husband by the punch bowl. Lambert pours liquor into the punch bowl. King gestures for her to put more in it. They switch hands and drink it. She throws the banquet and the two of the bridesmaids fight over it. One of the bridesmaids blows a kiss at the twentysomething man. On the dancefloor, she puts his hands around his waist. The fortysomething woman walks to them and the twentysomething man removes his hands.

The fortysomething man and woman drink the spiked punch. She sings into the microphone. The fortysomething man pulls her away. The bridesmaid and twentysomething man stand together at the microphone. She smokes and cups the twentysomething man’s chin. Lambert and King drop their microphones.

Rating: 3/5

Elle King slaps her knee while she laughs. She gets up from the lawn chair and says it was fourth wedding. Lambert shakes her head, spilling her drink, telling her it was the third wedding. King says her mom had the emerald dress. It was really fancy. Lambert says she’s going to look through the photo albums.

King brushes off the dust of the scrapbook for 1986 wedding, which was her second. Lambert turns the page and sys they were both off. King says her mom still believed she could be saved back then. She says during the wedding, her mom took her aside and asked her, “please don’t have children. Think of the children.” Lambert says it was hilarious to see her drunk. King denies her mom being drunk to this day.

King’s boyfriend wipes the grease on his shirt as he says hello to Lambert. Lambert waves to him and says he’s gorgeous. King says she thinks he might be husband five. Lambert says her mom must be thrilled. King says her mom has already asked if the wedding is going to have an open bar. Lambert says they better be. King shouts “hi honey!” to her husband as he works on the car. He stands up and bends over. Lambert nods and King gives her a playful punch on the arm.

Director: Alexa Kinigopoulos Year: 2021

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