Video Review: Feist “1234”

Wearing a royal blue strapless jumpsuit, Feist walks into a warehouse. Fifty twentysomething men and women appear behind her and fall onto the floor. They stand up as she swings side by side. Hunched over, she walks backward to the center and then forward again. A twentysomething man picks up and carries her. As she kicks her legs, the dancers form an outer and inner circle.

They shake their hips as she stands in the center. She aims her finger guns at them and they land in the fetal position on the ground. They stand up and crowd together. Feist moshes. A couple of people hug her. She dances as people walk back and forth. They run in a circle around her and bend down as they lift her up. While they sway their arms back and forth, they form into a single line. As Feist puts her hand on her heart, they disappear. She takes a bow.

Rating: 2/5

Feist types on her laptop at the coffee shop. The server compliments her on her jumpsuit and says it’s snazzy. Feist smiles and says she found at a resale shop downtown. The server asks her if she wants anymore coffee. She says “just another cup.” Next to her, a 17-year-old girl complains about her history class. Her friend, a 16-year-old girl, says the teacher’s impossible. Feist turns around and says she had a history teacher who would go on and on about the places he visited. The teenage girls nod and return back to their conversation.

Feist skips on the sidewalk. Her laptop shuffles back and forth in the bag. It almost slips out and she bends over to catch it. She checks the latch and closes it. As she continues to walk, she smiles at a twentysomething man. The twentysomething man grins. She runs up to to him and says he’s so handsome and if he’s dating anyone. He excuses himself and tells her to have a good day.

She sits on a bench in the park and watches as a group of friends dance together. She walks over and starts to dance. As they dance, she comments it’s such a good song. The twentysomething woman asks if they know her. She says, “ooh, I just really like the song.” The second twentysomething woman glares at her and says they are going. She watches as they dance in another area of the pavement. She sits on the bench and gets a book out of her bag.

Director: Patrick Daughters Year: 2007

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