Video Review: A’Me Lorain “Whole Wide World (Version 2)”

A’Me Lorain dances in silhouette against a white background. Changing to color, she continues to dance, wearing an oversized suit. In a clip from the 1988 film, True Love, Donna (Annabella Sciorra) sits on a toilet seat. Donna and Michael (Ron Eldard) argue on the sidewalk. At work, she kisses him over the counter at the restaurant.

Lorain grabs the remote off the television and sits on the couch next to a twentysomething man. He eats his popcorn and watches the movie as she tries to cuddle. He pushes her face away and she throws popcorn at him. She switches to the channel. His eyes pop as he watches Lorain, in jeans and a blouse, dance against a white background. She picks up an inflatable globe. He changes it back to the movie.

In a clip, Donna tickles Michael in the kitchen. They kiss in bed. Lorain, wearing a minidress, walks back into the family room and sits next to the twentysomething man. He gets up from the couch. In the clips, Donna calls him on the telephone. Michael drinks at the bar. Lorain wears a striped red-and-white bathing suit. On television, she jumps off the diving board. In the clips, Donna and Grace (Aida Turturro) laugh as they watch a thirtysomething man take off clothes at the strip club. Donna dances with the thirtysomething man on stage.

Lorain wears a tutu with boots. The twentysomething man dismisses her. Within the television, she pushes away the movie clips and tries to hold onto the screen. Wearing a wedding dress, she tosses the bouquet. It hits his face as he sits on the couch. Back in the family room, she wears a wedding dress and presses the remote. The twentysomething man disappears.

On television, the twentysomething man stands next to her. A priest drops in, reading the bible.  In a clip, Donna cries as she hits the bathroom door. Lorain stares into the twentysomething man’s eyes. Back on the couch, they cuddle as they watch television.

Rating: 3.5/5

A’Me Lorain puts the tutu in the charity pile. She had taken classes at a studio for a brief time but quit after getting together with the twentysomething man. The thirtysomething man, who was a teacher’s assistant, had told her she was moving in reverse. The twentysomething man didn’t care about her. She had kissed him on the cheek and said she had to try again.

Early in their relationship, she often went out and got drunk at the bar with her friends. He was usually asleep by the time he got home. Sometimes, she kissed some other guys. However, their relationship wasn’t as serious back then. The other guys had called her and the twentysomething had glared at her. She pretended to call them back right in front of him. At least a part of him was jealous.

Her best friend adjusts her veil and says she looks so beautiful. Lorain blushes and asks if she’s making the right decision. Her best friend tells her everyone gets nervous. Lorain sits on the chair and says she tried so hard to be who he wanted to be. But now she doesn’t like herself. Her best friend says she’ll delay the ceremony. Lorain stands up and says there isn’t any need. She’s going to become a wife.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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