Video Review: Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby “Ramen & OJ”

At night, Joyner Lucas, wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants, points his gun at a twentysomething man who sits on the ground with his duffel bag. The twentysomething man puts in the trunk of the car and throws up his hands.  Lucas, wearing a t-shirt, sits in the back of his car while a fortysomething man, in a suit, makes sure he gets inside. Joyner, in the driver’s seat, raises his hands as the police officer points his gun at him as he walks to his car.

A thirtysomething man creates a barricade with his arms as Joyner walks on the sidewalk. Photographers take his pictures and fans call out to him. A police officer puts a pen on the table. He explains the confession by Joyner. Joyner puts his hands on his face. A contract sits on the table. The executive talks to him about it while two of Lucas’ friends open bottles of champagne.

A second thirtysomething man pours water on the table. Two twentysomething woman argue as Lucas sits by a gallon of orange juice and some ramen in a small home. A third twentysomething woman talks to him as a jug of juice sits on the table. Joyner walks around the kitchen of the mansion. Several twentysomething women, wearing bikinis, hang out by the indoor pool. Joyner sips from the champagne bottle. Lil Baby walks down the stairs and squeezes the water blaster.

Lil Baby walks around in a modest home and sees a person peering through the glass of the front door. Back in the mansion, two twentysomething women walk lead him to the kitchen. A fourth twentysomething puts a blindfold over his eyes. He takes the blindfold off in the kitchen of the small home. Lucas sticks his fork into his ramen as he leans against the wall in the family room.

Joyner stands behind the caution tape as the coroner zips up the body bag in the street. Back on the sidewalk, he cuts the tape with scissors while his fans and reporters watch. On the street, he stands by the car at night.

Rating: 3/5

Joyner Lucas sends a text on his phone as his driver takes his home. He stretches out and rests his legs on the backseat. Although it had been a short walk, he was winded. At one point, he could’ve walked home and still have the energy to do some yard work. His eyes flutter and ambulances sirens jolt him awake.

Two twentysomething women talk as he walks inside the home. It was likely his best friend invited them over. He knocks on the bedroom and asks them about the women. His friend says he got in touch with them online. Lucas tells him they’ll have to be gone by tonight. His friend says he’ll tell them. Lucas sends a message to his security and notifies them about the two twentysomething women.

His friend waves to Lil Baby in the kitchen. Lil Baby and Lucas exchange knowing glances. Lil Baby rinses his dish off in the sink. His friend says he doesn’t have to do that. The maid will get to it, once she gets here. Joyner tells him she has the week off. His friend whines and says he doesn’t want to do any cleaning. Lil Baby says he’ll get through it.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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