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Hannah puts her hand on her forehead as she drives. She shakes her head as the thirtysomething man (Jacob Fortune-Lloyd) types on his phone. Match in his mouth, he adjusts the mirror. He slicks back his hair and she moves the mirror. He sticks the match in her ear. She tells him to stop it.

Inside a home, she sniffs a white rose from a bouquet. He talks on the phone and points to the home. She parks the car as he swirls the match in his mouth. He continues to talk on the phone as she locks the doors of the car. She sits on the bed inside the home and paces. He tries to open the doors of the car and gestures for her to come back. She stares at the gas can.

He leans forward in the passenger seat, watching as she pours gas over the house. She walks back to the car and takes the match out of his mouth. He eyes the lit match and watches the house go up in flames. She walks away.

Rating: 5/5

Hannah ends the call with the insurance. She had no desire to rebuild the home. It was a decent piece of land. She could get some money from money it. Putting on her slippers, she walks around in her apartment and rummages her box of books. She finds her favorite mystery and sits on a chair.

The home had been her solace at one time. She and the thirtysomething man would go there every weekend in the summer. They had talked about their kids running around in the backyard and debated getting a dog. Each suggestion was turned down by him, stating they were getting too serious.

The weekends to the summer home stopped about a year ago. He had told her to concentrate on work and it was for them. She had believed it at first. It was the first sliver of hope she had in awhile. He had told her he was getting the summer home. His parents were giving it to him. She had mentioned seeing a home for sale in the area. They could take a look at it. He told her to be realistic. While hanging out with his friends, she said she missed out on a great party at the summer home. She exclaimed it’s such a cozy place. Hannah forced a grin and said she couldn’t make it. On the way to work, she filled up a gas can and put it in the backseat.

Director: Dave Bulliant Year: 2021

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