Video Review: Usher “U Don’t Have To Call”

Usher strokes a twentysomething woman’s (Chili) cheek as they lie together in his bed. Shirtless, he sits in bed and rubs his eyes while his phone rings. On the answering machine, his message says, “yo, what’s up? I’m not here. Leave a message.” He turns over in bed as P. Diddy  says, “yo, Playboy! C’mon, I know you been up there.” Diddy touches the screen. He urges him to get up. “C’mon, shake it off.  I’ve been here before, baby. It’s nothing but a small thing. I know you hear me, boy. We’re going out tonight.”

The lights turn on his house. Wearing a robe, he dances in the family room. He throws off his robe and takes a shower. At the sink, he shaves his face. He sorts through the racks of his closet. A row of watches sit in their own section. Wearing a brown leather jacket, a white t-shirt, sunglasses and jeans, he continues to dance. He glances at a magazine, featuring his friend, Sasha. He slides down the banister.

While driving through the tunnel, he sings along with the radio. He takes off his glasses and sees the twentysomething woman on the poster on the the bus. His friends talk by the store and grin at Usher. They get into his car. He and his friends dance in the parking structure. They take the elevator in the skyscraper.

He and his friends dance in the club. Sasha and her friends join in the dance routine. Diddy sits on a couch and makes a call on his cell phone. A couple of twentysomething women hold their drinks and watch him dance. The door closes to the club.

Rating: 3.5/5

Usher sits next to Sasha at the club. Sasha says she’s glad to see him here. He says Diddy got him out tonight. Sasha puts her hand in his, telling him, “let’s dance.” He says not for long. As they dance, he checks his phone. Sasha gives him a small smile. Back at the table, she tells him she’ll call.

He dials her phone number into his cell phone and erases them. It was only a couple of days and she was working. He’ll give another two days. Maybe then he’ll call her. He thinks of what to say to her. He’ll ask her about her work and tries to think of a joke.

Sitting by the pool, he takes notes during a conference call. His maid walks on the patio and he gestures that he’s busy. His maid shows him the phone and says the twentysomething woman is on hold. Usher says he just got called into meeting and leaves the call. The twentysomething woman says, “hello.” He smiles and asks her how she’s been.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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