Video Review: Andy Taylor “Take It Easy”

People walk through the rows of parked cars in the lot. Steve (Mitch Gaylord) says “Hi” Julie (Janet Jones) responds with “hello.” They introduce themselves. She says, “well, I have to go find my friend.” He says, “all right. I’ll see you around.” She says, “okay” He watches as she walks into the club,

In silhouette, Andy Taylor claps his hands over his head as he performs on stage. Steve walks inside and stares at Julie as she whispers into her friend’s ear. Taylor walks into the light on stage and performs. A twentysomething woman leans against the wall. A twentysomething man smokes a cigarette as he sits across from her. Steve stands by the television screens with his hands on his pockets. Taylor plays guitar on one of the screens.

Julie dances in silhouette. Two twentysomething woman talk in silhouette. Julie and several people dance in the studio. In a clip from the 1986 film, American Anthem,  Steve and Julie laugh as they drive in the desert. Steve performs his gymnastics routine. Julie stretches. Back in the club, the twentysomething people watch as Steve spins on the high bars. He lands by Julie. They dance. In a clip, they kiss. People dance by the television screens. Some of the twentysomething people walk to the counter and tap it to get the bartender’s attention.

Rating: 1/5

A twentysomething woman says Steve is an arrogant, show-off. She says he hit on her awhile ago and she turned him down. The second twentysomething woman says Julie should stay away with him. The twentysomething woman shakes her head, saying Julie believes everyone deserves a chance. The second twentysomething woman says she’s going to get hurt.

Julie runs through her routine. Her coach gives her some suggestions about her feet. Steve watches in the corner. She waves to him. He leans forward on the bench. She was really good. He could see her competing in the Olympics within a couple of years. Julie walks over to him and says it was a tough practice. He tells her no one would know. Julie says she’ll be glad once trials are over. He says he misses it. Julie puts her head on his shoulder and rubs his arm.

Julie tumbles on the mat. She tells Steve good job as he does a somersault. Steve says it’s not going to an impress a judge. She kisses him on the cheek and says it’s a start. Steve asks if her coach would consider helping him out, too. Julie says he’ll be excited to take him on.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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