Video Review: Olivia Rodrigo “Good 4 U”

A fiftysomething man and fortysomething woman opens their cell phone and starts recording in a classroom. Olivia Rodrigo sits on a chair and talks. She gets up and takes the cell phone out of the fortysomething man’s hand. During cheerleading practice, she stands in the center with her hands on her hips and performs the routine.

In the locker room, she purposely bumps into a 16-year-old girl and plays with the ends of her hair in the mirror. She puts on long-sleeved leather gloves by her locker. At the store, she knocks bags and bottles off the shelf. She buys a gas container and some popcorn. While in her room, she holds her lipstick and peers through the clear mirror.

She smirks at the clerk as she pushes her Smartfood popcorn on the counter. Pom-poms lie on the gym floor. She poses for the security camera in the store. In her bedroom, she stands in water and throws a jacket at the wall. Her bedroom burns. She jumps around and flips her hair. At night, she walks to the lake and swims. Her eyes glow red.

Rating: 5/5

Olivia Rodrigo spots a 16-year-old guy from her class fishing at the lake with his father. He waves to her and she smiles at him. He was so luscious. The 16-year-old guy puts down his reel and walks over to her. She presses her hand on his neck and says he’s so warm. He says he’s been out in the sun all day. She asks him he wants to go for a walk. He says it’d be nice.

During cheerleading practice, one of the 16-year-old girls cries. Two of the cheerleaders sit on the bench with her. Rodrigo asks, “what’s going on?” One of the cheerleaders says the 16-year-old guy was found dead in the woods. Rodrigo says, “oh my God!” and says she just talked to him. Putting her hand on the 16-year-old girl’s knee, she says he was such a good person. Rodrigo walks away, her eyes rolling back as she thinks of tasting him.

Whispers follow Rodrigo as she walks to class. With her improved hearing, she finds out some of classmates feel bad for her. They think the fire was an accident. A couple of people suspect she was the person who caused it. She takes note of their voices and turns her head, trying to match the face. The principal calls her into his office. She sits in the chair, crossing her arms. He tells her he’s sorry for her loss and says he’d like to talk just a little. She walks to him and runs her hand on his arm. He tells her she’s being inappropriate. She bites into his arm.

Director: Petra Collins Year: 2021

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