Video Review: H.E.R. & Chris Brown “Come Through”

H.E.R. sits on a patio bench and types on her cell phone. Several twentysomething women sit next to her. One twentysomething woman walks up to her saying, “yo! So what’s up? We’re here trying to listen the song and you’re holding it hostage. What’s the deal?” H.E.R. responds, “I don’t know” After her phone beeps, two of her friends lean over and look. The twentysomething woman says, “you’ve got somethin’ goin’ on in your phone!” and takes it out of her hands.

The twentysomething woman hooks the phone up to sound system. H.E.R. leans against the wooden wall. Standing in an aqua-lit room, she looks around. She and Chris Brown near the pool at night. A twentysomething man, lit in teal, walks. He puts his hand above H.E.R.’s head on the wall and leans into her. Brown puts his arms around the waist of a second twentysomething woman in the family room.

H.E.R. takes the twentysomething man’s hand as they walk through the crowd of dancing people in the living room. She sits on the patio bench with him and touches his face. They cuddle. The second twentysomething puts her arms around Brown. Lit in tangerine, H.E.R. sits on a table as the twentysomething man kisses her.

She throws her head back as she rides on his motorcycle with him. People pop wheelies on their motorcycles as they ride through the tunnel. Back in aqua, he leans against the railing by the pool. H.E.R. touches his mouth. She puts her hand on his shoulder as they sit by his motorcycle in the tunnel.

Rating: 3/5

H.E.R. snatches her phone from the stereo and texts the twentysomething man. She hadn’t gotten a chance to read the message from him. One of her friends says it’s a good song. H.E.R. says she just finished it up awhile ago. She gets up from the bench and says she has to go. An idea just ran across her mind and she wants to go to the studio. Her twentysomething friend tells her she needs to take time off.

She waves to Chris Brown as she walks into the party at the twentysomething man’s house. Brown puts his finger to his lips. She tells him, “we were never here” and walks to the indoor pool. The twentysomething man whispers “hey” as he stands by her. She echoes, “hey.” Their relationship was still new. She wasn’t sure what they were. But it didn’t seem matter. While she was with him, she disappeared into herself, the image of who she is as she writes. It was an out-of-body experience.

He says he has to go. She asks him to stay. He tells her has to get back to the party. She takes his hand and says she’ll join him. He asks her he may have to introduce her as his girlfriend. She says it’s no one’s business and might talk to someone else. He leans into kiss her and says it can wait.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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