Video Review: Peter Cetera “Restless Heart”

Peter Cetera sits in the back of a pick-up truck as it drives along the road. A thirtysomething woman sits at a booth in a diner and glances at the counter. A twentysomething woman sticks out her thumb on the shoulder of the road. Several bags lie next to her. The thirtysomething woman checks her watch. The person stops the truck near a home. Cetera jumps off.

A second twentysomething woman sits up in bed, looking out the window. A fan on the floor whirrs. Cetera leans against the wall of a store. The second twentysomething woman rolls around in bed, covering herself with the silk sheet. She walks up the window. Her hands on her shoulders, she turns her head from side to side as she looks into the mirror.

Cetera walks by gas station. A fortysomething man sits on his chair by his trailer and plays his guitar as Cetera continues to walk and stops by a tree. He watches a 10-year-old girl on a swing. She runs to Cetera. He picks her up and talks to her. They play on the grass. He pushes her on the swing.

Rating: 3/5

Peter Cetera gestures for the check. The thirtysomething woman tells him he doesn’t know he wants. Cetera says he just wants custody of their daughter. The thirtysomething woman says she’ll think about it. Cetera says an occasional phone call isn’t enough. The thirtysomething woman tells him she’s on her own because of him.

Cetera kisses the the second twentysomething woman and says she’s making it tough for him to leave. She pulls him towards him and says they can stay for another day. He says he can’t and packs up his bags. She says she knows someone who can give him a ride.

Cetera holds the 10-year-old girl’s hand and says he heard she got top prize at the Science fair. She says the project is still in her room. Her teacher was so impressed. She couldn’t believe she won. Cetera tells her she’s really smart. She asks him if he’s going home. Cetera says she’ll be able to go back with him. She grins and runs back into the house.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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