Video Review: Lovejoy “Taunt”

GeorgeNotFound sits on a chair in an ivory painted corner. Mark stares at the wall, his back to GeorgeNotFound. Wilbur, Mark, Joe and Ash put their hands over GeorgeNotFound’s head. Wilbur stands on the right side of him, staring at his face, while he plays the guitar.

Wilbur shakes Joe’s hand. Joe headbangs as he stands on the left side. Mark sits against the wall. Joe pulls up GeorgeNotFound’s hoodie as he dances behind him. Wilbur lifts weights. GeorgeNotFound smirks as Wilbur puts his hand under his chin. Mark sleeps while he continues to sit against the wall. Wilbur taps GeorgeNotFound’s head and sits in the chair. GeorgeNotFound returns to the chair as Mark, Joe, Wilbur and Ash play around him. Mark puts his finger in GeorgeNotFound’s ear and laughs. Wilbur takes off his hat and falls on the ground.

Rating: 0/5

Wilbur makes a funny face. He tells a dirty joke. GeorgeNotFound side-eyes him and says it’s not going to work. Mark sits beside him and groans. He lets out a wail. GeorgeNotFound glares at him. Joe dances around him and waves his hand in in front of GeorgeNotFound’s face GeorgeNotFound swipes Joe’s hand away.

GeorgeNotFound reads a book while he sits by himself. His cell phone beeps and he sends a text message. He was glad to be by himself. Wilbur chatted constantly. Mark had his own issues. Joe wore him out. He searches for apartments online. A loft was available to rent. He makes a call to stop by tomorrow.

Wilber puts his hands on hips, saying “huh?” GeorgeNotFound says there’s nothing wrong. He just wants by himself and doesn’t want to talk. Wilbur says he’ll respect that and asks him to please not move. Everyone will have to leave. Wilbur cancels the appointment online. Sometimes he was too harsh on his friends.

Director: Wilbur Soot Year: 2021


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