Video Review: Mr. Mister “Broken Wings”

In black-and-white, the sun rises as Richard drives on the bridge. He sits by the window, tapping his foot on the wall and plays the guitar. A man and woman, shown at hip-level, dance in the room. Richard, Steve and Pat play their instruments in the same room by themselves.

He makes a stop in the desert and drinks from a canteen. In the sky, he watches a hawk. While he drives, he looks at the map and tosses it onto the road. He makes another stop and puts his head on the steering wheel. Sitting in the pew, he prays and throws his back. A light shines on him and a hawk flaps it wings as it stands on the windowsill. It flies and stands next to him in the pew. He stares at it. During another stop in the desert, he sees the hawk perched on a limb. His hood up, he walks by the car on the shoulder of the road.

Rating: 3.5/5

Richard asks God what to do as he sits in the pew. He didn’t know where to go. Going home wasn’t an option. Back home, there was an upset girlfriend and two parents who were disappointed in him. He had failed the most important people in his life. While driving, he had seen a hawk flying above him, following the same path. He wasn’t completely alone.

He was supposed to be in Tennessee. However, he had missed an exit on the expressway. He had no idea where he was. Thirsty, tired and frustrated, he wanted to be somewhere. The hawk visits him again and hovers by the tree. He talks to the hawk and tells it he needs a friend, even if it’s for five minutes. The hawk flaps it wings and watches him as he drinks.

At the gas station, he asks the clerk where he is. The clerk says nowhere significant and lets him know he’s far away from any semblance of life. He picks up a brochure and sees a camping area. It was a place to go. The hawk sits on the roof of the gas station. A twentysomething woman stands near her car and tells him, “you don’t know what the hawk is capable of.” He whistles at the hawk and says, “it’s a fascinating creature.”

Director: Oley Sassone Year: 1985

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