Video Review: Paul Woolford & Amber Mark “Heat”

A violet hologram of Amber Mark stands up and dances within the crimson sunset. Her image glitches and fades a little. She continues to dance against a black background. Her image multiplies as she spins within the clouds. Lit in crimson, she moves her arms by her neck and multiplies.

Lit in electric blue, a second version of herself dances across from her against a black background. An ancient mask appears. Back in crimson, her eyes glow a fiery red. Her hologram fades as she walks on the water.

Rating: 5/5

Amber Mark flickers as she appears in holographic form. She says she only speaks to those who summoned her. Two twentysomething man raise their hands. Cocking her head to the side, she says they may fit into her world. A twentysomething man says they bend themselves to their will. She scoffs, telling them they must prove themselves first. The twentysomething man says he’ll do whatever she asks.

Foolish creature. The twentysomething man gave up his life for entry into an unknown portal. The second twentysomething man asks here where he went. Mark says he may be burning in Hell or in a land of bones. The second twentysomething shouts for him to get him back. Mark says his friend made his decision. She can’t undo it.

He bows to her and says an incantation. She asks him, “are you trying to be rid of me, child?” He looks down and continues to chant. She points to him and sends him to a deserted portal. He’d live in barren area, alternating between scorching and freezing temperatures. If they had read further in the text, they’d known not to waste her time.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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