Video Review: Cole Swindell “Single Saturday Night”

A reporter on the television says, “a new report from U.S. Intelligence finds that coronavirus has now been confirmed.” Lights go off in the apartment building. Cole Swindell shakes his head and presses the remote. A second reporter, says, “reporting a spike in new coronavirus cases and with the economy still taking a big hit, business leaders say.” Swindell closes his eyes and falls asleep.

In his dream, he walks on stage to his microphone during a concert. He screams while sitting courtside at a basketball game. People stand and drink from their plastic cups as he hits a homerun. He wakes up and sees a thirtysomething woman waving to him in the corner. She sips her beer from a straw.

Wearing a NASA sweatshirt, he looks at an astronaut floating to the rocket. Water droplets fall upwards against a white background as he sits on the couch. He gets out his phone and three thirtysomething men appear on a triple screen. He takes a screenshot. Above the couch, six thirtysomething men talk to him in different screens as he laughs. A fourth thirtysomething man, Luke Bryan and Hardy talk to him in separate screens.

A damaged car sits on the field in the background as he shrugs while on the couch. Stars shine as he sings into the microphone. He and two duplicates stand in the desert and tips their sunglasses while a camel walks in the desert. The astronaut version of himself hangs upside in space while Swindell sits next to him. A gigantic baseball flies in a a stadium while he shows off his jersey. His friends join him on the couch and drink beer while the droplets continue to fall upwards. He spins as he walks on the beach. A tiger walks by the sprinklers on the lawn as he dances.

Droplets continue to fall upwards and border three separate screens of Swindell in space (left, top). beach (left, bottom) and lawn (right). He and two duplicates rub their arms in the hockey arena. Dancing in his chair in the desert, he grabs a beer and tosses it to the second version of himself on the lawn. It gets passed to one of the thirtysomething men sitting on the couch. An oversized golf ball flies near him on the course. A second thirtysomething man plays guitar in the gym. A crowd of small people cheer for him. He and his friends perform against a white background. He does the moonwalk while on the moon. Back in his chair, he blinks and leans forward.

Rating: 2/5

Cole Swindell lost track of the number of naps he took. Three, four, maybe. He rubs his eyes and walks to the refrigerator. Leaning against the counter, he drinks the beer and stares at the time on microwave. The digital clock changes to 4:26 p.m. He checks the weather on the phone and opens the screen door, leading to the backyard.

While in the backyard, he dances. He thinks he may take lessons once the restrictions are lifted. A notification on his phone reads the latest daily count of infections and deaths. He swipes away from it. It was difficult to fathom the thousands of people dying everyday.

He takes a NASA virtual tour of the moon and dances by the television. Scrolling on his phone, he schedules a virtual hockey lesson for next week and orders groceries. Back in the kitchen, he gets out some lunchmeat and bread. Biting into it, he thinks it may be time for some cooking lessons. On his phone. he sets up a virtual cooking lesson later in the week. Right now, he’d search his closet for a dress shirt to wear to the bar. But that wasn’t an option. But at the same time, he was well-rested and wanting to learn new things.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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