Video Review: Jeannie Ortega & Papoose “Crowded”

Jeannie Ortega and two of her friends walk to the door of the club. Ortega sees the long line outside and tells them, “no.” She and her friends walk to the door in the back. They walk through the kitchen as Papoose stands with his friends by the bar. A twentysomething man leans into her as she walks with her friends. She pushes him away.

In silhouette against a fiery orange background, a second twentysomething man and woman dance. She dances by herself as some guys try to bump against her. Two twentysomething men sit beside her. Papoose dances wit her. Ortega grabs the microphone at the DJ booth and sings into it. People wave their arms and dance. She continues to dance by herself.

Rating: 1/5

Jeannie Ortega puts her glass on the table. She remarks to her friends no one cool is at the bar. Her friend suggests they go somewhere else. Ortega says she’s going to save the night and walks up the DJ booth. Flitting her eyelashes, she asks if she could sing. The DJ motions for the bartender. She says she’s a professional. He hands her the microphone.

Ortega flicks her hand at the bartender as she walks to the table with her friends. She says they are leaving. One of her friends tells her the bartender should be grateful for her. People started actually caring about the music again. Ortega says they aren’t going there again. At another club, she sees the line stretching out past the block. Her friend says she saw another door. Ortega jiggles the lock and they walk inside.

Ortega hugs a bartender in the stockroom. He asks them, “how did you get in here?” One of her friends says they won’t ever tell. Ortega smirks and grabs a bottle of wine. A second friend find some glasses. They run to the door and walk onto the dancefloor. Ortega exclaims it was so much fun. Her second friend says the owner can’t do anything. Ortega says he knows he’ll lose business otherwise. She posts online with her free bottle of liquor.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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