Video Review: Lil Tecca “Never Left”

Lit in violet, a thick cord on the ground leads to a television. Back in color, Lil Tecca holds up the broken cord. It sparks violet as he connects them. He dances against an ombre background of a soft gold, violet and royal blue. A fortysomething man places his hands on a table.

Within the television, Tecca stands on the roof as the rain falls in a violet sky. Against a black background, a computer generates a shirt. He presses the handle of car as electricity runs through it. The skyscrapers blur as he speeds through the city. Tecca dances against a navy blue background. A twentysomething woman taps a computerized sneaker.

Lit in royal blue, Tecca stands by the car. Electricity runs through the fortysomething man. He powers the engine with his hands. The fortysomething man nods with his arms crossed while Tecca dances behind him. Tecca rubs his hands together as he stands by the car.

Rating: 3.5/5

The fortysomething man remarks to Lil Tecca that the car is salvageable. He puts hands in it and the electricity starts the engine. A twentysomething woman says she doesn’t like the sound of the rattle and slides underneath it. Tecca tells him to do whatever’s needed. He stands in the parking lot, staring at the lavender sky. The color hadn’t changed since he was kid. He remember when it changed. Some people were able to fly their cars in the air and caused several crashes. A couple of fights erupted over people trying to steal each other’s newfound powers.

His friends had discussed what kind powers they wanted as adults. They never wanted the sun to return. Tecca missed the snow and was nervous about the rain. The rain left stains on the pavement. Chemicals had entered into it and he didn’t want anything further to change him. A couple days after a downpour, he noticed his skin becoming scaly. He begged his parents to move. His parents told him their entire lives were in the city. At age 10, he left for the nearest hospital.

The people who had taken him were kind. They believed the lavender was pretty and atmospheric. However, Tecca told them none of the people were the same. It didn’t want to happen it to him. He still thought about his parents. They called him every in once awhile and asked him to visit. Each time he said no. However, at some point, he couldn’t stay away any longer. While in the city, he lets the rain drench him and feels the power rumbling in his belly. He was changing.

Director: Declan Kyle Year: 2021

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