Video Review: Martika “Water”

Martika peeks through her fingers as she stands in the hallway. In aqua, a silhouette of a twentysomething man and woman hold hands by the water. She walks down the hallway. As she walks on the street. she smiles as she sees a second twentysomething man. The second twentysomething man puts his hand on her shoulder.

She and the second twentysomething dance in the studio. He lifts her up as they dance on the street with their friends. They continue their routine by the graffitied wall. In silhouette, she dances by herself in the studio. She continues to dance by the water. While in the hallway, she spins.

Rating: 2.5/5

Martika whispers to the second twentysomething man that they are trying to be discreet. The second twentysomething man kisses her cheek and says he just finds it difficult. Martika blushes and laughs into his shoulder. He puts his hand on her back and says they should get back to work. One of her friends tells her they are really good together. Martika smiles and says she just loves him so much.

The second twentysomething man stirs spaghetti sauce in the pot. She puts her hand on his waist as she walks around him. He turns to her and smiles. She asks for a taste. He gives her the spoon. She tells him it’s good. He pulls her in a kiss. Martika says they can’t. He turns off the stove and leads her to the bedroom.

In bed, Martika says she says she was thinking of their first date. The second twentysomething man bursts out laughing, saying, “I thought you were going to walk out then and there.” Martika says she almost did. She lines his chin with her finger, telling him his smile took her in and she had to stay. He kisses her shoulder.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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