Video Review: Donna Allen “Sweet Somebody”

Donna Allen, wearing a black leotard with an embellished belt, snaps her fingers and dances as black-and-white photos of her standing by Gary’s Hot Dogs pile up behind her. She continues to dance in the corner in black-and-white. In color, a second version of herself dances while wearing a jacket.

It rotates to Allen in the black leotard as black-and-white photos pile up. Two versions of herself in the black leotard dance in front of the restaurant. As she dances by herself, the photos change to color. Lit in mustard yellow, she continues the routine by herself. Back in mustard yellow, three versions of herself dance. The restaurant behind her changes to magenta, electric blue, and violet as she dances by herself.

In mustard yellow, the pictures continue to stack up as she dances. Three versions of herself of her dance by the restaurant. She waves her finger while at the restaurant.

Rating: 3.5/5

Donna Allen pours mustard on her hot dog at Gary’s Hot Dog. The server places a plate of onion rings on the table. Her friend takes a bite of the onion rings and says they are amazing. Allen says she has to get some whenever she’s here. Her friend says they have officially have new lunch spot.

Allen runs into line at the Gary’s Hot Dogs. A couple look over the menu and say they don’t know what to get. Two teenagers laugh behind her. She thinks she may get the Italian hot dog. French fries sounded so good to her. Though, she may get a different side tonight. The server raises her eyebrows, saying, “No onion rings?” She shakes her head and says she’s going to have some soup.

The thirtysomething man says he didn’t know the place was still around. Allen says discovered it once she moved the city. The thirtysomething man says his parents used to talk to the original owner all the time. He visited the table and talked with them. Allen says she went to the original owner’s funeral a few years ago. At least 100 people showed up. The thirtysomething man bites his lip and says it’s so sad. He was hoping to talk to him. Allen gestures for the server and says the son took over. The thirtysomething man’s eyes widen and says he remembers him. Allen asks if the owner’s son could come over for a moment. The server says she’ll get him. The thirtysomething man wipes his mouth and she smiles.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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