Video Review: Thomas Rhett “Country Again”

Thomas Rhett sits on an amplifier and plays his guitar in an empty house. Golden sunlight streams through the windows. He walks backwards, continuing to play the guitar and sits on a stool. As he sits, he adjusts the strap on his shoulder. He gets up and stands.

Rating: 2/5

Thomas Rhett unlocks the door of his family’s new home in Tennessee. Hands in pockets, he walks around the house and thinks of his children running around. He puts on a jacket. It was still chilly. He and his family may have to pick up some cold weather clothes. Everyone donated their sweaters and winter coats after they moved to California. He had forgotten how cool it would get.

His daughter plays in the backyard. He digs up some weeds in the garden. His wife says they should plant some vegetables. His hand on his hips, he points to a corner and says they could use that particular section. She tells him she’s really glad they moved back. She likes being home again. He says he didn’t realize how much he missed it.

Rhett shouts “woo!” as her daughter performs in a play at school. His wife whispers to him she was so nervous. He says she pushed through, though. His daughter smiles as they wait for her in the hallway. She says she remembered all her lines. Rhett says that the practice paid off and says they took pictures. She giggles as she sees the pictures. His wife says they are going to her favorite restaurant to eat. She says she wants macaroni and cheese from the local diner by their house. He tells her to put on her jacket and they’ll get going.

Director: TK McNamy Year: 2021

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