Video Review: Cheyenne Kimball “Hanging On”

Cheyenne Kimball gets out of her car and plays her guitar outside Mano Shoe Repair. She flops against as the engine smokes. A dog barks behind the fence. A bike lies on the grass. Kimball plays her guitar in a suburban neighborhood. Two 17-year-old boys play basketball on the driveway.

She plays on the sidewalk in the city and stands by a mural. A twentysomething man and woman walk on the beach. She continues to play on the sand. Laughing, she spreads out her arms as she stands by the trees. A second twentysomething man and woman play fight with traffic cones. A third twentysomething woman spits water at a third twentysomething’s face as they talk. Some people clean their feet by the showers. A fourth twentysomething man washes his face underneath the faucet.

She and her band play in the desert. Two of her friends talk with her. She smiles as one of a fifth twentysomething man walks through a field of flowers. The fifth twentysomething man holds her as they stand on the beach.

Rating: 3/5

Cheyenne Kimball splashes her feet in the ocean. One of her friends says to walk with her to get a smoothie. As they walk to the beach restaurant, her friend says she’s so happy for her. Kimball grins and says “thank you.” Her friend says she’s never been on a television show before. Kimball says it’ll be so much fun.

Kimball wipes some food off her the fifth twentysomething man’s mouth. He tells her he loves her. She says she loves him, too. He takes a roll and says he’s been thinking, with the show and all, that they should move in together. Kimball says he’ll be in the show. She wants him to be a part of it. The fifth twentysomething man says it’s entirely up to her.

Kimball sighs as she views the mountain on a hike with her friends and the fifth twentysomething man. One of her friends says, “it’s her last time as a regular person.” Kimball says it’s just a television show. The fifth twentysomething man rests his head on her shoulder and says they’ll be with her, regardless what happens. She says it’s going to be a crazy two months and she’s going to need them. Her friend squeals, “I’m going to be the on the show” and throws her arms around her.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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