Video Review: Cico P “Tampa”

Cico P adjusts his hat as he steps out of a truck in Omar’s Wheels parking lot. He swipes at the truck and it multiplies into three. Each truck has different color: aqua, red and lime green. He and his friend dance by the truck. Inside the store, he dances by a rim display.

His friend dances next to him in the rim aisle. P raps by a stack of tires. The rims spin on the wall as P walks by them. He talks with one of the salesmen. As he drives the truck, it multiplies on the road. A note on the screen reads: “Later That Night…” A twentysomething woman holds a glowing plastic cup as she dances in a friend’s family room. P’s friend drinks liquor right from the bottle. The twentysomething woman smiles as she takes a photo with a friend. People dance around the couch. He holds a liquor bottle and glass in his hands.

One his friends slaps a second twentysomething woman’s butt as she walks by him. P pours liquor down a friend’s mouth. A third twentysomething woman slaps the second twentysomething woman’s butt. The second twentysomething woman tugs at the bottom of her dress.

Rating: 2.5/5

Cico P talks with the salesman about the tires. The salesman says they can get them put in today. P also mentions the rims. The salesman says it may be an extra hour or two. P says “sure” and asks if he can get a ride home. The salesman finds the driver. The driver pulls the car around and P gets inside.

P types on his phone and tells his friend to bring over the liquor he bought last week. The driver asks him where to turn. P looks up and says to turn left. While the driver turns, P says he’s invited to his party. The driver says he has to work late. P says he knows the address and to come up if he changes his mind.

The second twentysomething woman asks P about his truck. P says he was able to get it back today. She says she wants to see his rims. He takes her hand and leads her out to the truck. She runs her hand along the rim and says everyone is going to remember on the road. He takes a picture of her by the rim and kisses her. The second twentysomething woman grins and says for him to lock the garage door.

Director: Jerry Morka Year: 2021

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