Video Review: Dead Or Alive “That’s The Way (I Like It)”

Six twentysomething women walk past the showers in a gym. Pete dances in the showers. Water runs over a twentysomething woman’s abs. A second twentysomething woman sits with her arm on her knee by the pool. Burns twists her arm. He falls over as she beats him in arm-wrestling.

The six twentysomething women unzip their uniforms as they stand by the showers. As the water pours over them, they flex their muscles. Burns shakes his hips as he watches them. The twentysomething women stand in the pool, bend down and flex their muscles. Mike, Tim and Steve score them. Pete, Mike, Tim and Steve work out while a second twentysomething woman encourages them.

A third twentysomething woman stands by a “Absolutely No Boys” sign. Burns stands behind her as she flexes. Burns holds up his hair as he walks through the workout area.

Rating: 1/5

The twentysomething women puts a towel over her. Pete points to the pool. She says her body is aching. Pete tells her to push through. The twentysomething woman sticks out her tongue at him as he turns back. He calls out, “I saw that!”

Burns sits with the twentysomething women and tells them they are not infallible. He says he could beat them in an arm-wrestling competition. The twentysomething women exchange glances with each other. The second twentysomething woman walks up to him and says he’s free to challenge her. He smirks, saying he’s going to win. She bends his arm and he lands on the ground. The twentysomething women suppress their giggles.

Burns lies on the lounge chair as the twentysomething women practice. He shouts out, “good job!” Turning his head, he sees the twentysomething women had left. He struts to the main office and complains about his class. The director says they’ll review it and advise him he’s off next week. Burns says he didn’t take a vacation. The director says he’s off now.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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