Video Review: Jorja Smith & Shaybo “Bussdown”

Jorja Smith places her feet on the desk in the break room of the auto repair smoke. Lighting up her cigarette, she exhales as she listens to the DJ talk on the radio. She lists off the things she repaired to a fiftysomething man, adding that one his lights “kept flickering.” He responds, “flickering?” She tells him, “but I repaired it so it’s all good. No, no, don’t worry about it. I like you.” He smiles. She continues, “So I think, this one will be 10 grand.” He asks, “Ten?” She nods, saying “uh-huh.” He says “that sounds decent” and opens his wallet. She holds his money, saying. “is it all there? Looks like it. All right. See you soon.”

In the garage, Smith works on another truck. Lit in electric blue, she touches her ponytail as she stands in the bathroom. She takes off her jacket and dances as she looks into the mirror. Shaybo talks on the phone in the office and places another piece of paper onto the bulletin board. She runs her hand on the side of the car.

A twentysomething woman carries a suitcase into the repair shop. She sits in the office with Shaybo and Smith. Shaybo smokes her cigar as the twentysomething woman hands Smith a diamond bracelet. She tries on a ring. Shaybo closes the hood of a car and puts her mink on it. She lays on it while Smith sits inside the car. Shaybo opens the door and sits with her. Smith and Shaybo dance against a black background. Smith tosses money out of the car.

Rating: 5/5

Jorja Smith opens the mail and reads the thank you card from the fiftysomething man. He was grateful for the work she did on his car. Everything was running smoothly and he thinks he can the car for another couple of years. He adds that he’s told all his friends about the great service. She hangs the card on the bulletin board and takes the hundred dollars bill in a container. It’ll be for her next haul.

Shaybo taps her fingers on the desk as she talks with a customer on the phone. She explains the errors showed up when it was tested. Smith glances at Shaybo, who throws up her hands, as she walks past her. Smith gets her tools and works on the car. There was a small problem with the spark plug. She fixes it and sits on the chair while she writes out the invoice. She adds a couple of services.

Shaybo hangs up the phone and walks over to Smith. She tells her they have to slow down on the extra services. The customer threatened to sue them. She offered him a refund. Smith heaves a sigh and says she spent most of the money. Shaybo says she’ll run ads or something. Smith puts her head into her hands, saying, “it won’t be enough time. They are going have to close.” Shaybo says she’ll handle it. They just have to be legit. Smith rips up the invoice and rewrites it.

Director: Fenn O’Meally Year: 2021

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