Video Review: P!nk “All I Know So Far”

Willow Sage Hart  moves to the center of his bed. Pink sits next to him and asks, “want to hear a story?” Willow responds, “Mom, I don’t hear a fairytale. I’m not five years old anymore. ” Pink tells her, “…maybe I have a different song you’ll like.” She opens the book and reads, “once upon a time there was a girl who was nine.” The nine-year-old girl gives the middle finger with both hands as she stands by a castle on stage.

Willow protests, “no rhymes!” The nine-year-old girl stands by herself, arms crossed as her classmates stand on the steps. She smokes in front of her American flag painted home. Her mother (Judith Light) takes it away from her. As Pink tells the story, she says the nine-year-old girl “liked to be alone, thought she was all grown. Think you got attitude and sass? Doesn’t hold a candle to this badass.” On stage, a police officer holds onto the 16-year-old girl as she kicks and screams. The 16-year-old girl yells at her mother, as Pink says, “anger was her fuel.” A classmate side-eyes the 16-year-old girl as she walks down the hallway at school. Pink says, “she hated her family and everyone at school.” The 16-year-old girl shoves the classmate. Pink tells, “sometimes she’d go psycho, unhinged…” as the 16-year-old girl shouts in her bedroom.

In the kitchen, her mother drinks wine. Puppet versions of her mother hang from the ceiling as the 16-year-old gives the finger. Pink says, “she had no direction, always stressed. All she knew was that she didn’t want to be like the rest.” The 16-year-old packs her suitcase while Pink says, “there’s only one way you can truly live free.” The 16-year-old girl rolls her suitcase and takes one last look at her house while Pink says, “it lies in the power when I becomes me.” The 16-year-old falls into the sky.

Midway through the clouds, a magenta-haired Pink spins and lands a cactus in the desert. Back in the bedroom, Willow says, “no singing!” Pink sings anyway. In the the desert, she stumbles on the sand as she smokes. Looking from left to right, she sees people sitting in odd positions as three tall men lord over them. Pink climbs on the people’s feet and leaps in the air. She kicks one of the tall men in the crotch. The second tall men kicks her. Daggers in her back, Pink walks on a bridge in the rain.

Willow asks, “what happens next?” Pink replies, “gotcha!” Giant eyes float in the sky and watch Pink as she walks on the cliff. She collapses and sees an angel (Cher). The angel puts a boat beside her. Pink spits as she rows the boat. Sculptures of tacos, hot dogs and apples line the way toward the island. She sees several men and shouts at them. Carey remains unfazed. Lavender heart eyes bulge out her sockets and she throws him on the ground several times. Birds attack them as they stand on the ship together. She punches his arm and throws him overboard.

She smokes as she watches her childhood home burn. Carey walks to her and she tosses him onto the ground. In black-and-white, she shoves the skeletons popping out of the sides. They grab at her. In bed, Willow yawns and Pink closes the book. On the mountain, Carey urges her to keep going as she pushes the car back up the cliff. Willow spits. Pink and about a dozen with long hair stand together. She sees the angel and a monstrous bear on the mountain. Her mother walks to her and she gives her a hug. Back in bed, Pink strokes Willow’s hair and kisses her on the forehead. In the hallway, she drinks from a bottle. On the cliff, Pink holds onto Willow as a fireball approaches them. It turns them into ash.

Rating: 5/5

Pink believed she’d never see her mother again. Among the people in the desert, she searched for her mom. However, none of them looked like her. They told her to be careful of the three tall men. Pink shrugged it off, thinking they were exaggerating. One of three tall men had tried to pick her up. She hid from him in the rock. But three tall men had found her within minutes. He tapped his foot at her body and she flew in the air. In the air, she prayed to God and promised to be a better person.

She was going to die. A few daggers had punctured some organs. She thought of she wanted: a family, talk to her mom again, and to live. The angel assured she was cared for and said she’ll be with her the entire way. She reached an island and fell in love with Carey. They worked on a ship together and got married within weeks.

Carey told her to prepare the children. The end of the world was coming. She found a cloth to put over his mouth. Carey coughs and says for her to take care of Willow. The angel says “one last thing.” Her mother appears. She tells her mom sorry. Her mother says it was a long time ago and waves to Willow. She asks her mom to come with them. The angel says she can’t. Willow says she’s hot. Pink finds a cloth and wipes her daughter’s forehead. She pulls her close to her. Willow says she’s scared. Pink says she is too and asks her to look at her. Willow looks at her as the fire burns them.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2021

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