Video Review: Trey Songz “Already Taken”

Trey Songz levitates in the dance studio. He stands by a grey sheet and sings. In bed, he kisses a twentysomething woman. He pulls up into the studio. In a clip from the 2010 film, Step Up 3D, Luke (Rick Malambri) takes pictures of Natalie (Sharni Vinson) as she touches the hot pink neon lit poles inside the club.

Wearing gray top and sweatpants, the twentysomething woman warms up in the studio. Some of the twentysomething men and women stretch and talk with each other. Songz sits in his car. In a clip, Luke and Natalie dance together at a masquerade ball. Back in the studio, the twentysomething woman dances by Songz.

Songz stands in the corner and watches the twentysomething woman. In a clip, the members of the rival dance team perform in the warehouse. Natalie and Luke stand on the rooftop of an apartment building. Back in the studio, the twentysomething woman and Songz sit on a couch. The twentysomething men and women leap in the air. In a clip, Luke and several twentysomething  dance against a wall stacked with stereos. Back in the studio, the twentysomething woman dances by herself by the gray sheet. In a clip, Luke and Natalie perform in the main competition. Luke and Natalie practice kicks. Natalie and Luke talk on the rooftop. They kiss. Back in the studio, the twentysomething woman kisses Songz.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman picks up her duffel bag and says she’s so sore. Trey Songz says the routine is really shaping up. The twentysomething woman says the choreographer is still tweaking it. Songz holds her hand and takes her duffel bag. She puts on her seatbelt and tells him she’s starving. He makes a turn and says he’s heading for their favorite restaurant.

The twentysomething woman spins in the apartment as she practices. She slips on the floor. Songz asks her if she’s okay. The twentysomething woman says she’s okay and sits on the couch. He says he’s going to get her some ice just in case. She says it’s okay. He opens the freezer and gives it to her.

Songz sits in the audience and checks the program. The twentysomething woman’s group was up next. She was really nervous about her solo. Her ankle was better, though. It only swelled up a little bit. The curtain opens and he grins as she performs the routine. She nails the solo and he lets out his breath. It was going to lead to better things for her. He scans for the faces of the directors from the studios. Backstage, she leaps into his arms and says she got an offer to go to California. He tells her he knew she could do it.

Director: Phillip Andelman Year: 2010

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