Video Review: J Cole “Amari”

A helicopter, with the Dreamville painted on it, flies past the skyline in New York City, New York. J Cole stands underneath the helicopter as it hovers above him. Cole gives a  salute as he stands on the sidewalk with his friends near the apartment building.

Wearing a hat and suit, he holds a can as he stands against a chestnut brick wall. He sits by the pool as two hands tug at his t-shirt. A Recording light shines on screen. He walks by a shed as it burns. Several of his friends join him by the brick wall, each wearing a suit.

He moves the joystick on the remote and controls the helicopter in the air. In the dorm, he sits by his computer and eats ramen. A twentysomething woman sits on his bed a few feet away from him. She waves as the wall rises with each platinum award. Two firefighters extinguish the fire in the shed. Cole does CPR on another version of himself. A message on a black screen reads: “Hold Onto Your Inner Child.”

Rating: 2.5/5

J Cole writes a term paper on his laptop. In between, he scrolls job sites for listings. There was a public relations director position in New York. An internship was available in Connecticut. It was for a well-known magazine. He prints up the application.

Cole smokes a cigarette as he talks with his friends at the bar. His friends toast to finishing the semester. One of his friends says he got him a ticket for graduation. He verifies the date and time. His friend nods and says he’ll come back for his graduation. Cole says he’s not walking. His friend asks, “why not?” Cole takes a sip and says he has to fill out applications and look up job fairs.

Cole fast forwards through film in the office. He rubs his eyes and turns on the light. It had to be time to come home. He looks at his phone and sees it 6:00 p.m. He shuts down the computer and walks to his desk. A thirtysomething woman says to him, “burning the midnight oil, huh?” Cole nods and tells her good night. She says she’ll see him in the morning. He takes the elevator downstairs and calls his ride. His friend says he’ll be there in a half hour. Cole sits in a chair in the lobby as the maintenance woman mops the floor. He says, “hello” to her as she passes by him.

Director: Mez For Heirs Year: 2021

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