Video Review: Yael Naim “New Soul”

Yael Naim unlocks the door of her apartment. Two thirtysomething men place cardboard boxes on the floor as she looks around. She talks to them as they move a desk. One of the thirtysomething men gives her an invoice and she closes the door.

She hangs a string of lights along the wall. Putting her hair into a ponytail, she takes out a poster and unrolls it on the floor. She hangs first section of the picture on the wall. Standing on a ladder, she smooths the edges of the landscape. In another box. she puts portraits of her friends over the trees Her friends walk in the forest, playing their instruments. She paints a swirl by one of her friend as he plays. The same friend walks in the lake. She adds a pink circle around a second friend. The second friend walks with a round tube around his neck. She plays the cymbals as she walks in the sunflowers.

She takes one of the portraits off the wall and discovers a hole in the wall. Outside her apartment is the lake. She presses one of the walls down and watches the ducks on the lake. Her friends float to her on tubes. She dances on the floor of the boat. Her friends help each other onto the boat. They play music and dance. She pours the fishbowl upside down and waves at her fish as it swims in the lake.

Rating: 2/5

Yael Naim pats her knees and makes kissing noises as she calls her former dog to come to her. One of her friends says that he might be uncertain around you. Naim tells her former dog it’s all right. He can visit with her. Her former dog sits by one of her friends. Naim tilts her head and comments her former dog is happy with them. Her friend says he’s such a joy while she rubs his chin.

Naim puts the cups in the sink and glances at the storage container which once held his food. She did the right thing. Her former dog deserved a home with people who had time for him. After moving into her apartment, she became friends with some of her neighbors. She was going to the bar every weekend and meeting with friends for lunch or dinner. On her way out, she dropped her dog off at her parents. Her parents told her they couldn’t handle another dog and she had decided to re-home him.

Naim sends a text on her phone. She had to confirm if one of her friends was bringing a side dish for her dinner. Her friend sends her a picture of the side dish in the bowl. She texts back she’ll have to get the recipe. Her friend responds, “lol.” Her friend was an amazing cook. The rolls were going to be everything. She thinks of her former dog, whose eyes lit up whenever she had a roll. She might save one for him and bring over to her parents’ home.

Director: N/A Year: 2007

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