Video Review: Jodeci “Forever My Lady”

DeVanté, K-Ci,- JoJo and Mr. Dalvin stand on the dock and watch the seagulls fly over the ocean. They stand in a church, their hoods over their heads. In black-and-white, they lean against the columns inside a home. Back in color, DeVanté puts his hand on his chest as he stands by a fountain in the center of the room.

DeVanté walks on the dock. Back in black-and-white, they dance between the columns. On the dock, K-Ci throws a rock into the ocean. In black-and-white, DeVanté stands near the railing on the second floor. They play air guitar on the dock and by the fountain.

Rating: 3/5

DeVanté, hands K-Ci the screwdriver. K-Ci reads out the instructions. DeVanté asks K-Ci if the crib looks secure. The crib falls apart. JoJo drops the lettering and says he might be able to help. K-Ci arranges the part. DeVanté, says he knows where they might’ve gone wrong. JoJo finds another part and gives it to DeVanté,

K-Ci answers the phone and says the baby shower is going to be over in about a half hour. DeVanté gets his keys on the table. JoJo says he’ll follow behind them. Mr Dalvin puts the diapers in the backseat. DeVanté says he’s going to put the cards up front. He’ll work on those over the weekend. JoJo closes his trunk and says his truck is full. DeVanté says he still has some room.

K-Ci sits next to DeVanté in the waiting room. He assures her she’ll be all right. DeVanté says he has to be by himself for awhile. He and his girlfriend waited so long to have a child and now there’s complications. JoJo says he’ll get him some coffee. Mr Dalvin says he’s going to be a great father to his child. DeVanté says they should’ve heard some news by now. Mr Dalvin says he’ll find a nurse. DeVanté sits in the corner of the hallway, his head in his hands. She and the baby have to be okay.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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